Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold

Emmanuel Dennis

September 23rd 2009

They say fortune favors the bold. I am an ardent fan of Curtis 50 Cent. In his quest to invest money in a few selected young men and women, he takes them through a 10 weeks lesson of how he got where he is going against the odds from the streets and gangs to become one of the leading corporate individual in the history of rap music as well as the who is who in the American corporate world. His lessons can be emulated by any one.

Which takes me to the madness that is currently in the air in Kenya where all manner of people are trying their luck in finding the possibility of ascending to the Presidency come 2012 general election. The experiences from the united states of america help us to understand that the presidency is not an easy task and especially for those pro change pro reforms personalities. No wonder many people rise up and get the opportunity but fail in the long run to live to the expectations of the populace.

Someone has argued that people have allot of expectations from the president and their leaders and that is why they fail. True in one sense and false in the other. It is important that people have expectations out of their leaders and especially if the leaders promised many things, I think it is just normal that the expectations are high. But when the leaders fail to produce results, the people have an inherent right to become angry and even throw insults at their leaders. 

On the other hand it is not good for the people to have too much expectations from the leaders because this are just human beings and their level of performance is optimal given natural facilitation. When there are no resources change is difficult to come by. If there is no god will it is a dream far too fetched. There must be mechanisms to check and verify the kind of information that is released to the people. The people must be informed of realities of the day o that their leaders do not take advantage of their ignorance. But the leaders must be accountable to the people.

One f the lessons learnt is that Fortune Favors the Bold. If you are bold enough to ask the people for an opportunity to lead. The people will dissect you and make the right decision. Once one immerses themselves into the race, they must be bold enough to run the full course and live up to the consequences. The other lesson is that the TRUTH is the shortest distance to the MONEY. If one goes around peddling lies, the lies will come to haunt you. If you say the truth, you shall be judged in accordance to what you said. Stay on the truth and as the good bok says.... the truth shall set you free. Many a times we have been cursed by very strange untrustworthy and untruthful leaders. That is why we have to live with consequences of chosing leaders who cant serve us because they know they lied to us and they think the people are stupid. 

Because knowledge reigns supreme, the people must be on top of their game. The leaders must be knowledgeable of the issues affecting the people and how to tackle them. Watch this space for more of the lessons for life.

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