Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freedom has a cost



Its Thursday 17th September 2009, at 1:57 Bostom Time. I am sitting at a tranquil and quiet house in Lexington working on a multiple of tasks to be accomplished before the day breaks. I am convinced that world freedom will not come in the traditional thinking that freedom has a cost beyond what we imagine. While talking with Poonam Ahluwalia the President of YES Inc. on many things that have happened in her life as she fights to ensure that the world youth get a livelihood, she meets many roadblocks on her way. The journey has not been easy for me either and I am just wondering, what the world has come to.


I have seen many young people surfer because some one in a Board room didn't think that they had a good idea to get out of their poverty. A door is slammed on them. When the best ideas are shot down by status quo, we always think they are right. But they are wrong. The World has changed so much that the ideas of the past no longer thrive in our world today. The problem is the holders of the powerful offices and decision makers on critical issues like poverty alleviation are driven by ideologies that do not conform to the realities of today. But because they are afraid that change is going to sweep them off the floor, they cling on to power with reasons that our ideas are not realistic. That is why no one among those people in the status quo want reforms. But I have news for you….. We will not reinvent the will. We renew our energies and we are going to use very new tactics. The ground has already shifted.


I have seen and experienced this year which has been one of the most rewarding year in the movement for change. The US saw a black president rise to lead the nation, many revolutions are now starting off in many parts of the world. Young people are inspired. Even though it is going to take long, change is surely coming in a manner that the world has never seen. Young people are coming up with innovative ways in which they will transform the communities through enterprise development with ideas of the 21st century. A revolution is in the making.


I believe the growth of the youth movement that will transform our communities must include more diverse economic opportunity for all. I also believe a consolidate government utilizing the energies, brains and strong will of the youth is paramount to the growth and development of our country in order to be more sensitive and available to the needs of the citizens of Kenya.


It's time for you to become more involved. Its time for you to become a member and a participant in the National Youth Movement family. My challenge to you is to break the silence and show you care by becoming more involved.

And that is the cost for our freedom.


Emmanuel Dennis


Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
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