Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stop this Modern Day Western Imperialism

1st Series

46 Years ago, Kenya attained its independence from the brutal British Rule. Earlier on, the Brits had come in Kenya with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. What followed was unprecedented land grabbing in the fertile highlands in Kenya which they changed to White highlands as still known today. Thousands of indigenous people lost their land and relocated or made to become domestic workers for the Colonialists.

While using the Bible and the gospel as a bait to lure the locals into believing what their intentions were in Kenya, they also used the gun to discipline those who did not readily accept were forced to condone. 

As an incentive they built a railway line, schools, churches and other amenities to appease the locals at the whims of their dictatorial impunity. While at it they excavated minerals and smuggled them back into their country. They stole our very good hard wood and erected mahogany furniture in the Queen's palace[1]. Then they brought us cypress trees that have made us suffer from the current water crisis depleting of our water reservoirs. 

A few African leaders were later taken to Lancaster in the wake of the new revolution that the British could not sustain. After depleting our virgin mineral resources, they took off, some of them remained and still own large tracks of land, and then they claimed, that they had given us Uhuru. 

One saddening fact is that when they came to our rich country, Africans were living side by side in peace harmony and tranquility. They introduced borders, divided our people and incited us against our neighbors. That problem still haunts us today with the current ethnic stereotypes and hatred. 

They introduced the West to East Partnerships, but all we did was to get services from British companies that won huge financial tenders to develop our countries. They manipulated our leaders to accept odious debts from the Breton woods institutions that have continued to clog down our development. 

When our leaders came back from Lancaster, they had been brainwashed. What they did is to take over from the British and manipulated fellow country men and started ruling. The grabbed land was never returned and the indigenous land owners continued to suffer at the leadership of the Kenyan Colonialists. 

Illegal Sect or Squaters?

The end result was a grouping of young people who started to champion their quest to reposes back the land that was grabbed. This group rubbed some people in the establishment the wrong way and what started as a human rights championing group for the many landless people ended up being labeled an illegal sect.

Some people in the establishment ten ordered the killing of the mostly youth who were coming up to fight for their rights. The end result has been mass killings that have continued unabated until today. The more they are killed the more the historical injustice continues to pile. Another group then was created by the system to counter the earlier group but for both political and self interest. This second group was a gang on hire. This created confusion in the quest for human rights and a political brainwashing machine was thus created. The whole country now believes that this group of people is indeed illegal and should not be allowed to champion and pursue their human rights. 

Aid and Corruption

When the Kenyan rulers took over, they had learned the trade of corruption from the white man. They continued to accumulate wealth at the expense of the people. Mismanaged resources. Marginalized those that were not pro establishment and even killed some that were proponents of change. Corruption thus became the order of the government from the word start when Kenya attained its independence. 

Funny thing is that, the West continued to talk about the levels of corruption that the African leaders practice. But at the same time the Breton woods institutions continued to service the African Governments with odious loans and enjoying huge service tenders to provide both weapons and machinery to the East. 

Many aid agencies trouped into the countries promising to alleviate poverty through their programs. They predesigned the kinds of programs to be funded and invested their money where their mouth were. For decades the aid agencies have continued to pump their moneys into poverty alleviation programmes that do not make sense in the African context. The end result has been that poverty has continued to increase while the levels of corruption have continued to increase as well. 

The question then is does aid really work?

Is aid effective?

What if the west stopped pumping its corrupt resources in the developing countries?

Can our states survive without these continues colonization by the West?

Think about it!


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