Saturday, November 28, 2009

Youth Fund Board Resignation exemplifies kicks of a dying hoarse

Young Kenyans,
Hellen Tombo and Team finally kicked the Youth Fund Bucket off their mandate and resigned en mass.

Looking at this move I thought OK... Why now that they know their term is coming to an end in three weeks time?
Didn't they spend alot of money using our taxes to fight each other and so why resign when the issues they were arguing about had not been resolved?

Shouldn't they now be arrested for messing up with the PESA za Vijana wa Kenya?
Now that they have done that, so should the other Hellen in the Ministry resign as well so that the mess in the YEDF and the MOYAS be fixed once and for all.
Shouldnt the two Assistant Ministers be sacked as well?

They have all not served the interests of the Young Kenyans but their own.

An opportunity knocks now for the young people of Kenya to put pressure on the Governement to put in place a credible Youth Fund Board that will steer the noble idea to greater height. If we do not do it. We will complain yet again when old folks are appointed to the Board. Its your call.

Emmmanuel Dennis.

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
P.O. Box 8799 - 00200
Nairobi Kenya
Cell: +254 722619005

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