Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 and the NYC Movement for Change

Good People --

Finally 2009 has come to an end.

Early this year, hundreds of you chose to be part of the National Youth Convention in ensuring that the youth Movement in Kenya gets a new vibrance in advocating for the rights of the Kenyan youth and make change happen in Kenya. This followed the the 2008 Convention when The National Youth Convention was established through consensus as the Forum and Movement of the Patriotic Youth of Kenya; with the objective of transforming Kenya into a democratic, just and prosperous Nation by the 1300 delegates who gathered on Saturday 20
th day of September 2008. 

The Movement is a democratic and progressive youth-led transformation Movement in Kenya and working with women, persons with dissabilities, trade unions, democratically minded proffessionals, special interest groups, progressive religious leaders and pro-change political leaders.

Some people tried to distract the progress and gains made but you remained stedfast and now we look at 2010 with more hope for better things to come. This year we have been more vocal on the constitutional agenda with several town hall kind of meetings happening in different parts of the country and a few local youth development tours by the leadership of the NYC working with many of you.  

We have built a massive organization, driven by a lean team of leaders, that directly reached out to over 5000 youth across Kenya and made your voices heard on the national agenda--- the constitution, the youth policy, the youth council bill, the youth enterprise development fund and leadership in general.

We are proud to have conducted over 30 locally hosted meetings with youth from all over Kenya to address various national agenda items. Next year we will be on record as we plan over 500 local encounters that will see the grassroots sprout out with action oriented activities for the development of the welfare of the fellow Kenyan youth.

In the coming year, our opponents will make a final stand to block our legitimate action to make your voices heard. With your support we will defeat them and make the Kenyan youth continue to champion the change that this country so deservedly need. We MUST defeat the status quo and bring back democratic rule to Kenya and promote an open society where the youth will live to enjoy for generations to come.

Kindly take a moment at year's end to reflect on everything you've built, and to find new energies to support the NYC as we engage a new gear in 2010.

It is you who has built NYC to become the remarkable movement that it is today.

Thank you to all of you who made 2009 the year that redefined the focus of NYC. Thank you for those of you who turned out in our community youth development tours. Thank you for those of you that attended the constitutional town hall meetings. Thank you for those of you that gave their views to the committee of experts on the constitutional review process.

We cant forget to thank our partners and supporters for making this year be the success that it was. We look forward to closer collaboration as we get to stump out dictatorial impunity in our country.

A new concept will be rolling out in 2010, that of Volunteer Community Organizers that will take our campaign to every doorstep of Kenyans from the cities to the grassroots around the country. Please take up the challenge to be come the NYC Change Makers in community, and we will grow. I hope 2010 we will click that ambitious million for a better Kenya.

Kindly recruit a new young Kenyan to join us today in this movement for change in Kenya. You can spread the word throughout our communities and bring on board more people, be part of the redefinition of the Kenyan History.

We look forward to working closely with you,

Sincere regards and all the best of wishes for 2010.


Emmanuel Dennis
For and on Behalf of the NYC Team

The National Youth Convention (NYC) Young People Reworking Kenya,              A project of the Youth of Kenya in creating the movement for change      P.O. Box 8799, 00200 Nairobi,  

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