Friday, February 26, 2010

Egyptian Immigration Authorities Discriminatory and Racist

Dear Global Citizens,
It is 4.01AM in the morning Egyptian time on 27th February 2010, I am seated here at the immigration desk at the Cairo Airport after 20 minutes of an encounter with the Egyptian Immigration scrutinizing my passport. This will be my 4th travel to Egypt and every time I come into this African Country, I have undergone the same treatment and so is today.

I am also seated here with over 10 other African Nationalities from different countries whose passports have been scrutinized and taken to a different room for verification purposes.

What amazes me is the number of white passengers from both the same flight that we used and other countries whose passports have been checked in a record 10 seconds they are let to go and wander in the Pharaohs land. 

My question is was the does the Egyptian Embassies in other countries fail in their duty to give us travel visa to warrant a second verification at the airport. Why does this happen to only Africans. I am bitter because four times in row, this has happened to me personally. I am just thinking, should I ever come back to Egypt again if this is the kind of treatment, one has to be accorded just before entering the country with a valid visa.

This is my open letter to the President of the Republic of Egypt to check on their racist discriminatory treatment they are offering to other African countries. I have always wondered Egypt is the only African country that still insists on passengers form other African Countries to have a yellow fever certificate before entering their land. Is it that we Africans are so toxic that we can actually intoxicate Egyptians to warrant this unnecessary yellow fever jabs every time we come in this desert?

I am very angry, so angry at this treatment and I am in protest.
I have extensively traveled around the globe and in many of my travels never have I been accorded such scolding and primitive treatment as is offered by the Egyptian Immigration officials.

Shame to the Egyptian Government. 

Emmanuel Dennis

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
P.O. Box 8799 - 00200
Nairobi Kenya
Cell: +254 722619005

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  1. Add there India, SA, Europe, America.... the list is endless. Well, how do our governments react to this?

    Maybe a blanket retaliation of the same humiliation to our "favoured" tourist guests might be the way to.. Short term losses but with longer term return to dignity!