Monday, February 15, 2010

The Grand Coalition Corruption: Why we need to Act NOW

Dear Friend---
We are in the times of Political Circus following the actions and counter actions of the two principles of the Grand Coalition Government. The 4th National Youth Convention passed a resolution demanding for accountability from the Grand Coalition Government:
  1. Clean, lean, just accountable and responsive government
  2. Youth to organize and demand a decent livelihood and access to basic needs and amenities.
  3. The civil and political rights of all Kenyans to be respected and upheld.
  4. Reduction of food, fuel, and electricity prices.
  5. Barring from Public office all guilty corrupt public officials
  6. Reduction of recurrent expenditures of government in the national budget (rent, Hospitality, Fuel, Utilities, Domestic and foreign Travel, Vehicle purchases, allowances, printing and advertising, tax exemptions for public officers, ets

On the corruption that has bedeviled our government, working with the Partnership for Change, budget errors were identified and subsequently brought attention of the intentions to defraud off the public moneys through systematic itemized expenditures in the budget. Following the summons by the Parliarmentary Select Committee, a Forensic Audit was passed and recommended by Parlirament. The NYC believes that the Forensic Audit would have saved Kenya from the subsequent corruption scandals the FPE included.

In getting the conversation to the people in demanding for accountability from this government, we are asking Kenyans to rise up and petition Parliament to expedite the implementation of its recommendations to have the Forensic Audit carried out. Under the New Standing Orders, only 20 signatures are legally allowed to cause Parliament to act in the favor of the Public.

The call to action is to cause Parliament not to allow any further expenditures as will be presented in the supplementary budget until the forensic audit is carried out to save us from further corruption. This will be the begining of our 100 Days of Tax Justice Campaign to put Kenyans on notice that they can cause the government to do what the people want.

We will be releasing a petition to be signed from across Kenya and have the signatures presented to Parlirment when it opens on 23rd February 2010, presented to the committees and speakers pannel and have it tabled on the floor of the House with immediate effect. As an action, we will commence Public Education Campaigns to educate the people on the actions that the people should take for the 100 days and subsequently boycott paying taxes to a corrupt Government.

The petition and subsequent communique will be release before Close of Business for wider circulation. We will circulate country wide the petition for the signatures to be collected and submitted by 20th February 2010.

We will be working with all our volunteers at the grassroots, partners and friends to have the actions taken.

The NYC will also make presentations to Treasury on the resolution to have a 60/40 budget for Development and Recurrent Expenditures and that the budget must be people friendly in a format that MPs and rest of Kenyans can understand during the budget hearings as a strategy to have our voices heard.

Looking forward to getting engaged in the call to action.

Emmanuel Dennis
For and on behalf of The NYC Team

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