Monday, February 8, 2010

If our Leaders Cant Respect the Current Constitution, will the new one bring about any Change?

Good People,
We have seen massive misrule, impunity, lack of respect for institution, massive corruption in public institutions and other private ones. Every one now is talking about a new constitution that will finally address the issues that Kenyans feel. My question is if the current constitution can not be respected, what makes the new constitution any better?
If we can not adhere to the provisions in the current law, how will we adhere to the new law when it is passed?
I don't have any problems with Chapter six that addresses our fundamental rights and freedoms as is in the current constitution, in fact it is adequate, but we have seen allot of disregard by the successive establishments, what makes the new constitution any special to be adhered to?
Let me hear your opinions.


Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
P.O. Box 8799 - 00200
Nairobi Kenya
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