Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Practical and Innovative way to tackle Climate Change

My Practical and Innovative way to tackle Climate Change

I have created a huge youth movement to tackle different issues. The problem of climate change not only affects the world but those who are bound to suffer most are the youth of today and the generations to come.  Using the networks of youth organizations, I will be linking them with the Renewable energy solutions to

1.       Produce clean energy solutions for their communities including Charcoal Briquettes using dry biomass instead of cutting down trees.

2.       Launch a massive tree planting campaign led by the youth to reclaim our natural environment and promote the growth of forests as a source of rainfall.

3.       Promote the use of improved cook stoves that use less energy and as such tap into the carbon markets to offset carbon emissions.

Young people around the world have energies that can be harnessed to reverse the effects that we have had on the environment. Our population is the largest and by changing our attitudes and committing to positively work for the good of our environment will not only create opportunities for the youth but also save the world form the crisis that is climate change.

The youth movement already has membership of organizations that are currently promoting various activities that will have a long lasting positive impact on the environment. This activities need to be promoted. My aim will be to consolidate the different groups and come up with exchange programmes, using new media to reach out to a wider population; we will integrate other members of community into our activity.

Since the youth are on the fore front to start the community digital villages, we will generate content that can be easily downloaded on with practical solutions on how the youth can actively participate in solutions to global warming and climate change.

Community radio stations have been approached in partnership with this project and they will be used to popularize the activities across communities using local languages for maximum effect.

In participating in the Forum 2010, it will give me a wider context of knowledge that I can use locally to reach out to the wider youth movement as a call to action for them to start giving back to community and eventually reversing the climate change effects.

Lastly lobbying and advocacy with policy makers will remain part of our strategy since through legislating some basic actions, resources can be allocated to build the capacity of the youth to effectively reach out to wider areas as such maximum impact.

This is my commitment to the Youth of Africa and will do what it takes to ensure they are reached with all the relevant information and the call to action is implemented.

Emanuel Dennis Ngongo

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
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