Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Young Solar Entrepreneurs Program (News Updates)

So we have had two meetings for young entrepreneurs in Kitui West over the last month. We have met with over 15 Heads of schools and Clinics.

We held another meeting with 12 Young Entrepreneurs in Eastlands - Buruburu under the Auspices of the Emerging Leaders Initiative. Application forms were given and we hope to meet them yet again for the interviews in the coming week.

Wednesday 24th March 2010 marks a new twist in the Program, two schools have qualified to benefit from the Solar Installation. We are paying a visit to Kitui West Constituency to start the process of educating the school management on the importance of solar lighting. By end of the week on Saturday, the installations will have been done. Students in the schools will now enjoy extended hours of preparation for their exams. It is hoped that education standards will improve with students performance going up due to this very positive step.

As we travel to Kitui tomorow, I am proud that once again, another positive initiative, is taking shape, and that communities are going to be transformed due to this venture. 

We will finally rope in the young entrepreneurs next week as we oversee the progress of installations on schools. If this isn't a life changing story then I don't know what is.

An investment of Kshs. 900,000 will be going down to the community. The amount of time, in kind support and otherwise done here is immense, and I am proud to be associated with this initiative. 

Nairobi, Bondo and Western Kenya is coming soon.



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