Thursday, April 1, 2010

MP's Fail to Make their Mutilation on the Draft Constitution

Finally, over 150 amendments that the Members of Parliament had so desperately wanted to sneak into the draft Constitution, could not see light of day after the theatrics, shenanigans and maverick moves on the floor of the house. The next couple of days are going to be mered with the same theater of tricks in the Constituencies in Rallies and other fora.

I am damn sure that we will see some of them saying that the draft should not see light of day.

I would like to urge all of us to make sure that we note such individuals and ask them to be rest assured that we want a new constitution and that opportunities still are available to make amendments in Parliament when Kenyans decide at the referendum.

As young people we need to take this as a historic moment and start leading civic engagements at community level. Let us not be cheated by self seeking MPs who do not understand the magnitude of rejecting the draft constitution. Some of the MPs are now scared that Ocampo will be coming for them and that they would want to use this occasion to cheat Kenyans to shut down the constitution. If they committed crime they should face the wrath of Moreno Ocampo, and that we want him to speed up the investigations so that at the quickest opportunity, we offer them a one way ticket to the Hague. Let us be wary of this rumor mongers who are using their position to spread lies.

We will continue to strongly urge the Ministry of Immigration to ensure that the Youth who do not have ID cards get them in a quicker manner to ensure that they secure voters cards to participate at the Referendum in June and subsequent elections later in two years time. 

If Politicians did not use their opportunity to make amendments in Parliament, let them leave the Constitution to the People of Kenya to decide. This is our process and let us take cognizance of what History has to offer to our generation.



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