Sunday, April 11, 2010

Of Self Seeking Leaders and the Politics of the Stomach


When the intrigues in Parliament were happening on the Draft Constitution, it also struck me afterwards to see what the members of the clergy had resolved. I being a Christian, I was very surprised to note that these folks had not consulted me to make their stance on the draft constitution. I was very angry because, they also said that they were making that choice this time round because the country blamed them for not making a choice when Kenya was burning in 2007. They decided to bury their heads in the sand and completely refused to tell the countrymen to stop fighting and killing themselves. They have subsequently stopped to encourage the country to reconcile and have now resolved to political gerrymandering and unyielding busy talk.

At some point I said that if majority of the Kenyan Youth wanted a new constitution and their clergy were preaching the NO song, then what business do we have going to church when we can't get leadership from the church. We should diss our churches because our clergy are not any better than we are. They failed us in 2007 and they are failing us now as we head towards the referendum. If that is their position We have to fail them and show them that they no longer have influence over us.

In fact I have completely stopped listening to Church Leaders and Politicians. I am now talking directly to the people and asking them to also ignore these so called extreme leaders who are self seekers. I was also told the story of a church leader who was on a pay slip of a certain influential politician. Bot the NO Campaign was about maintaining status quo. Why would the church also want to maintain status quo? Because some powerful guy somewhere has put them in his pocket. They are no longer using their head and conscience to make their position on the draft; they are using their stomach and pockets.

It is now official, the church is wrong about Abortion; it is also extremely wrong about the Kadhi courts. Please do not listen to them.

On the flip side, we have the other guys who are also thinking that they will convince you and me to say NO. I was also thinking about these folks. One of them knows clearly well that his NO vote will go nowhere, but because of his difference of opinion with the PM and noting that he has nothing to lose from either a NO or a YES based on the positioning that he is destined to be a guest at the Hague, he has decided to mislead Kenyans do destroy any chances of us getting a new constitution since he wont be around to enjoy the environment of a new Kenya under a new constitutional dispensation.

We have to remind them that the constitution is not about them, it about all of us. Majority of Kenyans and especially those who have registered as voters are actually going to vote YES. The ones who have not registered do not care about political participation and are unlikely to vote at the referendum. This explains why we will get a resounding YES. But then again, when the so called MP's had a chance to change the provisions, they resulted in gimmicking tricks and failed to rise up to the occasion. The thing is, majority if not all the provisions as were recommended by them in Naivasha were included. What exactly do they want?

They are not passionate about you, your issues or your community. They are thinking about themselves and how they can keep status quo so that they continue swindling your money when they get to power. This struggle has been around for long and you should not allow any one of them to hoodwink this process to failure.

Give your vote today for democracy in Kenya.

Register as a voter and make that difference. Don't leave it to the politicians or the church leaders. This is your time to say what you want about our Laws by voting at the referendum. It is a vote of no confidence to all those who are opposed to what Kenyans want. As Desmond Tutu said "This is a a radical call for human beings to have an equal say"

Change is gona come….will you be part of it?

Emmanuel Dennis


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