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Spotlight: This Summer's Tällberg Foundation/Yes Inc Event

Dear Good People,

This year the Tällberg Forum will be integrated in the 5th global YES Summit - Rework the worldon June 2nd to 5th, 2010 in Leksand, Sweden. 

This year, we are gathering one hundred initiatives that seek to Rework the World. We believe they hold answers to the triple challenge of unemployment, financial overstretch and the sustainability imperative. We want you to join in the effort and help turn these emerging efforts into transformative forces of change!

The efforts are loosely grouped into five areas around which new business systems 350 op-admust emerge: Energy, Water, Land, Cities and People. Find below a few samples of the Energy projects which we will work to take to the next level during the global Summit.

Extinguishing a million kerosene lights, Kenya

Emmanuel Dennis presented in 2009 his vision to extinguish 1 million kerosene lights in Africa, through large scale mobilisation of youth networks in East Africa. He has since been working in partnership with Solar Aid, D.light Design and the IFC Lighting Africa Initiative to set up educational facilities for installation and distribution of solar based technology. Three pilots are now in progress. The vision is alive and kicking! The question that remains to be solved is how to structure investment opportunities, create credit and training facilities so as to reach significant scale and long-term financial viability. This will be the focus of the workshop at the summit.

Installing 50 000 efficient stoves, Umbarare, Uganda

Rustom Masalawala at the Millenium Promise is jointly with the Tällberg Foundation preparing the significant up-scaling of the distribution of efficient stoves in Umbarare district Uganda. The first 1500 stoves were instantly sold out. A next disbursement of 5000 stoves is planned, with financing structured with one third through the retail price and two thirds through the sale of carbon credits. The aim is to go to 50 000 stoves in the next phase, and gradually add a supply chain of eco charcoal to the system. Here the effort will be informed by the ambitions of Joint Environmental Techniques, who are working on ecocharcoal supply chains in nearby Kenya. The overall aim is to prove a new business system for integrated energy services, financed through the carbon markets, and with significant employment potential and dramatic climate and health benefits. Once proven, the aim is to export the business concepts across Africa. The focus of the workshop at the summit, will be to charter out the next step on a potentially transformative journey.

Engaging one 1 million women in green services, Gujerat, India

Reema Navatny at SEWA is pushing Centres for Green Livelihoods across Gujerat that will equip and train thousands of women to employ efficient stoves, solar lights and biogas equipment. The aim is to reach households, with the potential employment impact and massive climate benefits. SEWA is building on its Ghandian heritage to create self-sufficient and cellular structures that can be replicated and self-sustainable. The effort is part of SEWA's vision to extend its membership from 1,2 million members to 2,5 million members in five years. This effort, which promises a massive new market for products and services, requires new global financing facilities, business systems and support structures. How to make this dramatic move will be the focus of the workshop at the summit.

For the full list of initiatives and workshops at the summit please enter here.   

The overriding aim is to unite these islands of efforts into the business systems of tomorrow - which raises crucial strategic questions for business, government and civil society.

We want you to be there to help shape the answers and new opportunities!

Carl Mossfeldt

The Energy theme is generously sponsored by Statkraft, with a strong ambition in the field of alternative energy systems.

Visit Falun/Borlange AB is a partner to the Tällberg Foundation and is responsible for
accommodation, transports, payments and web registration for the YES Summit.

With kind regards,
Carl Mossfeldt
Project Leader, Rework the World
The Tallberg Foundation
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   A partnership between Tallberg Foundation & YES Inc
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The 5th Global YES Summit-Rework The World is a joint initiative of YES Inc, with its youth led networks in fifty-five developing countries, the Tallberg Foundation, with its high level global network of decision makers and LSU, the Swedish National Association of Youth Organisations (LSU).  The Summit is funded by contributions from Svenska Postkodlotteriet, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and many other partners.  


The activities of the Tallberg Foundation have only be realized through the generous support of many public and private institutions and companies.



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