Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Clergy Must Apologize to Kenyans and Most of all Repent!

In reiterating Tome Francis' piece on the increasing repel effect the clergy are having as they campaign against the proposed constitution. The revelations that they have been receiving funding from Secret colonial and imperial sources, is utmost shocking and worth of investigations. The Clergy should lead by example by not receiving funds from secret sources without divulging the information to the public.

The announcement that they will use the Tithes to campaign against the constitution, is not only evil, but also sinful in itself. We all know our country is suffering from lack of morals. This is because of the laxity in the church to instill those values in its populace.

We all know of many communities that are suffering from hunger and starvation, yet the church collects billions in tithes and offerings and do not prioritize to instill human dignity. We know we have thousands of homeless children loitering all over major towns and cities in the country, yet the church wants to burn billions of shillings in a futile effort of killing the ambition of Kenyans to attain a new constitution.

When human dignity, values system and moral authority is compromised for simple worldly gains, democracy ceases to have  a meaning. The Kenyan clergy are becoming experts in perpetrating that which is wrong and abdicating their basic duty of leading our country to Yonda of moral and spiritual growth.

The christian constitution according to God has already been cast in stone by the Bible. The members of the clergy are limited to that basic tool and its substitutes as used in the church. Any other approach to start interfering with that which is of Caesar will ruff God the wrong way.

Who will Kenya turn to when evil is catching up with our country if our Church Leaders are out there mingling with would be ICC - Hague guests? Who will stand in the gap in this increasing failure in value system and moral upbringing in our society if those who are to uphold them are busy Chris crossing the country using secret funds from Lobbyists and Sinners from the WEST?

I pray to god to forgive them for they do not know what they are doing? Who shall save Kenya? The Clergy has completely lost it and as thus Faithful Kenyans (The Flock) have been left to wander in spiritual oblivion while their master is tossing and celebrating with the immoral?

I here by ask all the members of the clergy who are out there doing what is not meant for them, to step down before their Mighty Fall and Eternal Embarrassment immediacy Kenya attains its Second Constitutional Rebirth.

Emmanuel Dennis

On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 10:23 PM, TOME FRANCIS <> wrote:
The clergy have increasingly been made a butt of many cynical jokes. This is because the faithful have developed a cynical distrust of them. And it is quite easy to understand the anger and frustration from the faithful. Big money allegedly from the "clergy' is threatening to corrode our democracy. But it is not only the money from the clergy (which is actually a lingering misnomer for the church). We also have undue influence from the filthy wealthy cabal who in communion with the clergy are pulling their massive resources together to debilitate the process for essential reforms in this country. Judging by their countrywide campaigns which are awash with all sorts of posters, leaflets and other political rally appurtenances, we have no doubt that colossal sums of money are involved. And, it cannot just be the contributions made by the Christian faithful. There must be undisclosed sources from which these colossal sums of money come from. And since the source(s) is a highly guarded secret, this can only be the kind of money whose aim is to pervert democracy. We all know that it can only be a perversion of democracy for a section of the clergy and politicians to rely on massive financial resources rather than prayer and ideology to influence the referendum outcome. This perversion has been made possible by the very fact that at the moment there is very weak legislation that prohibits political groupings and individuals from sourcing and spending unregulated funds in a political campaign. Is it not time that the conscientious public demanded full disclosures of all contributions and disbursements that have so far gone to the No camp? If indeed it is the money from the faithful, is its use not inconsistent with the purpose for which it was given? We need to know whether the faithful were consulted by the clergy before their tithes were injected into this muddy referendum campaign exercise. This is because no clergy on any pretext whatsoever can elect to use the church resources for purposes other than that which they are meant for. By using the faithful's money in a political campaign, the clergy have succumbed to their appetites and lost their spirit among the singularly intricate temptations of the world of politics. By the end of the referendum campaign, the clergy will have to deal with the fact that they will increasingly be seen by the faithful as having become a misnomer and a cover for socio-political stagnation. As for the Yes Team, I wish to remind them that commitment and consensus in strategy are prerequisites for a successful campaign. They must try to counter the floodgate of lies perpetuated by the naysayers. They must also deal decisively with those in their midst who have concealed their inner self behind the glib mask of duplicity. TOME FRANCIS, BUMULA.

Posted By TOME FRANCIS to KENYA YOUNG VOTERS ALLIANCE at 5/22/2010 10:20:00 PM

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