Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When the Truth Comes out After August 4th

When the Truth Comes out after August 4th!

The moment of the truth will be known immediately the results from the referendum start trickling in at the tallying center. Watching as the campaigns went on, one is left to wonder why some of the politicians both in the YES and NO Camp have not read the draft and go out to out rightly lie to Kenyans on the content of the draft.

From a vantage point it is important to note that we will all remain Kenyans after the referendum. What the NO and YES camps need to realize is that we all need to dialogue as Kenyans to forge a common future for all of us. It is all important to note that we will have those who will have voted YES and those who will have voted NO. The most fundamental issue that has not been addressed is what happens after one side comes out victorious.

Should the losing side look at itself as a loser, and should the winning side look at itself as the winner? What should we as Kenyans do with the results that will be announced? Do we congratulate those who will have won and laugh at those who will have lost?

As young people we have an uphill task to hold this country together. Whether in YES or NO, our country should be held as united and we need to find out what to do with the voices of the side that will not have won the referendum. It is fundamental that we find a dialogue to incorporate a process that will be seen to listen to those voices of discontent. While we all appreciate the fact that the draft is 90% good, the 10% must also be addressed so that we accommodate the voices of the minority.

Democracy is all about giving the victor a chance and giving the non victor a voice. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. If our eyes can see the point of views of our opponents then we will have discovered a new path to democratic governance in Kenya

Be the first to come out and protect Kenya from falling. Let us as Young people prove beyond reasonable doubt that we can protect our country. Let is prove wrong those who are spreading word that there will be tension and possible chaos after the referendum. We are going to be in this country longer that our Political friends who want us to fight, for if you fight and hurt other, you lose more. Ni sisi Twaweza.

Emmanuel Dennis.



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