Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easy Way to Treat, Heat Water and Make Money

Dear Good people,
Another Innovation of the Green Teams Initiative courtesy of YES Kenya, In our quest to bring business models for young people to engage in enterprise Development at their communities, I am glad to present to you another innovative business model involving a Water Heating Container using the Sun in addition to the Solar Lanterns already under distribution across Kenya.

We want to establish a distribution and sales Green Teams in the whole of Western Province. The Solvatten Container is Manufactured in Sweden and is an award winning model for treating and Heating Water using the sun with international recognition.

We are opening doors for the youth in Western Province to sell the product, make very good money from the sales, and keep earning revenues on a yearly basis as long as the container is in use for the next five years. This will be made possible due to the Carbon Financing from the Carbon Credits that will be saved since communities will stop boiling water using open fires generated from firewood that emits carbon into the environment.

This is a business model that will make the youth happy.
If you are a Youth Entrepreneur in Western Province and would like to make money that makes sense to your environment, please get in touch with us to begin the business.

Please find here with and attached some information in regards to the new innovation.
The Container
and The Solvatten PDF Presentation

The Solvatten Innovation
Solvatten is a patented portable container that uses nothing but solar energy to purify contaminated water from the micro-organisms which cause water-borne diseases. It is a simple, reliable and affordable way to provide clean water at household level.  A Solvatten unit holds 10 litres of water. The outside of the unit is made of black, heat-absorbing plastic and the unit opens out to reveal transparent surfaces which let in the sun's energy. A special indicator shows when the water is fit to drink.

One Solvatten can meet the safe water needs of a household of five people. 
As well as producing water for drinking, Solvatten can be used to warm water for washing, cooking and
personal hygiene.


- Solvatten provides safe and warm water.
- It is easy to use, saves time, money and energy.
- Solvatten improves health.
- Solvatten saves the environment in places where firewood is used for boiling before drinking water.
(Approximately 50 trees/ Solvatten units).
- Solvatten contributes to the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals.
- Solvatten provides safe and hot water to a very competitive prize. 10-30 liters/day.


Voices From Kenya

"It's the easiest way of treating water.  It's a remedy for us and the community". Martin Baraza

"No firewood is used on boiling drinking water. Solvatten make me save time and makes one
be able to attend to other household duties".  Phyllis Sifuna

"Every family wishes to have one". Jane Nyongesa, field staff

"My baby had severe diarrhoea and was very ill. But after using Solvatten water she got better." Junice Apinde

"I am now using the borehole on the compound and I don't have to walk far anymore to fetch water." Felice Masinde

Solvatten has conducted a number of pilot studies with UN Habitat, Enpho and Vi agroforestry.
Read the report from Bungoma.

Solvatten is an inspiring example of a non-fossil, non-nuclear climate innovation with the potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
WWF Climate Solver 2009

We look forward to opening this very important business innovation to young people in Kenya.

Emmanuel Dennis

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