Friday, August 6, 2010

The Responsibility of the Citizenry as a New Kenya is Born

The Responsibility of the Citizenry as a New Kenya is Born

Kenyans decided in the Referendum of 4th August 2010 to enact a New Constitution. Forty Days after the referendum, the organs of Review will stand dissolved and the attention is going to be on Parliament as over 80 pieces of legislation are enacted in order to give life to the New Constitution of Kenya. The country will start to grapple with the implementation and application of the New Laws into their daily lives. One important aspect of Law Making should be people centered and the people need to be involved in the process in order for the new laws to be applicable in their daily lives.

As Kenyans patiently wait to see how the new laws will transform their livelihoods, an estimated 30% of registered voters also cast their vote with the view of having contentious issues in the proposed law. As the implementation takes precedence, it will be important to see how the government will embrace the views of the people who feel that the new law is not a representative on issues touching on contention.

The new law represents a fundamental transformation for the country to better governance system and better institutions for service delivery. It is important that all Kenyans come together and accept the outcome of the referendum and start to build Kenya as one nation. The role that young people play in making sure due process is followed especially on the implementation framework of the new Constitution is critical.

If Kenyans are involved in the implementation process and with clear knowledge of the provisions, we will begin to have a responsive citizenry who will begin to hold their government accountable on service delivery. The new constitution should indeed be a call to action by all citizens to start actively participating on legislative issues as a civic duty if the nation is to attain its desired second rebirth. Citizens who do not understand what their laws are bound to break the law or are bound to be manipulated by the systems of governance.

A national dialogue for citizens is imminent to start taking responsibility and be on the front line to hold their local governments from the point of knowledge. The proposal also seeks to engage the citizens in an informed civic duty of advocacy on various aspects of the legal instruments that are critical in the process of domesticating the new constitution.

To rephrase the word of one Kepta Ombati –"YES!! Two days ago for the first time in history, in exercise of our Sovereign Will n Power, we the People  ratified a New Constitution 4 the Republic of Kenya... shut the door on the Old Evil Empire and set forth a New Nation n a New State... n open New Possibilities for All in Kenya... "

I look forward to thousands of Youths to start declaring their interests to become Governors and Senators in the New Dispensation and start to spearhead the New Kenya to new levels.

May God Bless Kenya and her People.


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