Friday, September 10, 2010

Inspiring Change Event for East Africa December 1-3 2010

Dear Friends,
I'm active with something called The Change Alliance, and we're organizing an event in Nairobi Dec. 1-3 for people in the region who are dealing with multi-stakeholder change challenges. 

The goals are to support further development of the participants' multi-stakeholder change strategies, and to stimulate the formation of an on-going peer support network as part of The Change Alliance.  Costs for participation will be covered by the Change Alliance, based on available funding.

We would like to open this opportunities to people working on areas connected with the change agenda in East Africa for whom this might be of interest. 

Attached here
is a brochure describing the event...although it refers to multi-stakeholder processes, we're really talking about strategies.  And although it speaks of "facilitators", we're really referring to people who are involved in implementing those strategies.  Also, we're looking for some short case studies that can be "workshopped" at the meeting. 

If you are interested please get in touch with Steve on Email:




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  1. That is it! In this 21st Century Africa needs more changed minds...we need a paradigm shift from dependce to independence state...State of mind and thinking,way of doing things and safeguarding our vast resources-natural,human,physical,intellectual etc.

    I believe this Alliance is build-up towards liberating ourselves.


  2. Green Teams Initiative should be grassroot-based

  3. It great to see that youth have realized their capability in bringing change in this land of ours. so i think i'm for that idea and would fully participate to bring the change we have always desired and dreamed of.