Monday, October 11, 2010

The ICC and the Politics of Stupidity

Last Updated: October 10, 2010 22:04

The ICC Investigations are coming faster, and the focus has narrowed to a few cabinet Ministers who were financiers and Perpetrators of the Post Election Violence. We all know that the ICC Prosecutor has to build the burden of proof to indict those individuals with credible evidence to be admissible in the Chambers of the International Criminal Court. We also know that those people whose names will be released as having a case to answer will carry their own cross.

Panic has struck and the politicians who are feeling that they will be under investigation have started to marshal their political sycophants and the old phrase of "Our Community is being targeted" have made a return. While at it another brigade came up in their characteristic caricatured and comical press advocacy and said that their own sponsored party leaders had meetings calling for mass action for Kenyans to go kill themselves. 

In a swift rejoinder an equally charged group of cabinet ministers from the said political party came out fighting frustrated at the comments made by the political comedians who have overburdened the tax payer. I was very shocked when I saw another member of parliament on the floor of the house stating that his entire Kalenjin Nation had not been represented on the PNU list of nominees to the Parliamentary Constitutional Implementation Committee. 

Fast forward to the weekend, it was all drama as more troops joined the comical debate of tribal kingpins and another one on why Kenyans will fight even more if some politicians were indicted to answer for their SINS.

What I have been wondering is why these folks keep on getting prime time on national news to pour their stinking verbosity on issues that are divisive and backward thinking. Why do our media keep focusing on these political sycophants who keep on displaying their politically motivated ethnic stupidity?

For Kenya to move forward through the New Constitution, we have to dethnicize our politics and fully embrace inclusivity and oneness as Kenyans. Let us get rid of the characters who are ethnicising leadership and reducing their positions in leadership as a theater of the witty and the absurd. I personally lost faith in the kind of leadership we have from day one.

I just wonder why the politicians keep on thinking that Kenyans are so stupid a people that they will keep on following them to political yonda of oblivion! In a country where we still have IDP's there must be Justice and those individuals who committed the crimes against our fellow Kenyans should not be allowed to hide behind Parliament perimeter and confines of cabinet offices and when the run becomes tough they run back to their so called tribes/clans in the name of "My people"

Those individuals must pay the ultimate price of causing the deaths, destructions and displacements post the 2007 elections. We should all stand by the ICC and stop the political stupidity by a few politicians to mislead us. We welcome OCAMPO and his team and the best Christmas gift he can give us is warrants of arrests to those politicians that think they are the "Untouchables" We are Keenly watching your moves Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo!!!

Emmanuel Dennis


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