Wednesday, October 6, 2010

THE MERU and ISINYA Youth FORUM You don't want to Miss

Good Friend---

On 27th October October, we will be kicking off our grassroots engagement with the First Forum in MERU County. We will be making a case for uniting our voices, our votes and beginning the journey to reclaiming the assumption that the young generation is not ready for Leadership. We hope that those of you who are near MERU County do not want to miss this opportunity. We are also appealing to any other young leaders both at national and grassroots level who want to join us during the ground breaking meeting to come along and pass a message of solidarity to our friends in MERU.

BUT it isn't just about MERU,  it's about KENYA…We want to start knocking doors, sending text messages and talking to our friends and neighbors and let them know that they have a historic moment to move our country to the next level through unity of purpose in community.

An amazing thing happened when over 100 young people in Isinya collected money to host a KATIBA meeting in Isinya. They have also invited us to go and facilitate the constitutional discussions. After Meru we head to Isinya on 30th October. You are also welcome to join us in Isinya Kajiado County.

Two more Forums are planned for Nyeri and Siaya in November and December respectively.

It's just the beginning and we will cover all the 47 counties in 2011 and 2012. Through you, we will make a difference. We expect a minimum of 200 young people in those meetings. The young at heart are also encouraged to participate because we are all Kenyans and we must work together in moving our country to efficiency and get rid of the corrupt network of lethargic leaders come 2012.

To keep retirees from scavenging over County and Regional governments, we are looking to turn the volume across the country and it starts with YOU and ME. Will you work with us to bring this Forum to your County? With your help we can and will Rework a New Kenya. We are better together.


Emmanuel Dennis



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