Saturday, November 27, 2010

Prime Minister's Youth Round Table on 24th November 2010

Dear Good Kenyans,

On 24th November 2010 marked a key milestone in the quest to to put the agenda of youth on the national platform. The Inaugural Prime Minister's Youth Round Table (PMYRT) was held in Nairobi. Over 300 Kenyans attended 250 of whom were Youth Leaders selected from across the country. Gracing the Occasion was The Right Honorable Prime Minister, Raila Amolo Odinga, Minister for Youth Afairs and Sports, Mr. Otuoma, among other Ministera, PS, OPM, Dr. Issahakia, PS Youth Affairs and Sports, among others drawn from the Ministries of Education, Health, East Africa Cooperation, Labour and Human Resource Development, Finance, Public Health, and Cultural Heritage.

The round table was held in emulation to the success of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance that has had very successful impact in its PM Private Sector Round Table.The main objective is to have Youth and Government Partner in implementing policy issues that will result in the empowerment of Youth in Kenya. Over 25 Youth Organizations based in Nairobi have been meeting for over 1 month to organize the Round Table meeting. Out of the preparations four thematic sectors were identified;

1.      Empowerment (Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Employment)

2.      Education and Health

3.      Leadership and Governance

4.      Creative Arts, Sports and Culture

Key policy challenges and recommendations were presented as per the attached Matrix for your information. This is the beginning of a partnership of purpose to ensure continued dialogue, negotiation and pressure to Governenement on pertinent issues affecting the Kenyan youth population. Key agreements were arrived at and a communiqué with commitments from Government and the Youth.

To ensure the Unity of Purpose and Coordination of the issues, the National Youth Sector Alliance (NYSA) was announced. It is proposed that NYSA will facilitate the negotiations and identification of all sectors in partnership with Government. It will oversee implementation of the agreed upon issues through a 100 day Rapid Response Initiative. NYSA will be a sector based committee of all youth organizations involved in this process in Kenya that will subscribe and join in on the discussions.  If your organization would like to be represented on this committee please send your details to with subject NYSA Committee.

We will be announcing dates for 8 regional Meetings coordinated by NYSA to ensure the voices of the youth from all the 47 Counties are brought on board before the second Round Table meeting to be held in the first quarter of 2011.

This is to request your support for NYSA and continued engagement on the issues for us to can achieve the most urgent youth empowerment that Kenyan youth have been yearning for since the 90's.

Best Regards,

Emmanuel Dennis.


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