Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mars Group Kenya Updates: Kenya President attempts to repeal ICC Rome Statute after ICC names his key Government officials and ministers as suspects of crimes against humanity

From: Mars Group Kenya <>
Date: Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 6:16 PM

Kenya President attempts to repeal ICC Rome Statute after ICC names his key
Government officials and ministers as suspects of crimes against humanity

Mwai Kibaki – let Justice be done though the heavens fall.

Kenya must comply with the Rome Statute by cooperating with the ICC, and
cooperation extends to making arrests of the Masterminds behind the Post
Election Violence which killed 1,133 Kenyans and displaced over half-a-million
citizens in less than 60 days. We need to be clear to the unelected Grand
Coalition Government that there is no issue of choice here.

Reports in the Press today say that President Mwai Kibaki has attempted to give
comfort of office to the masterminds of murder, rape, arson and displacement of
kenyans after their public naming by the Chief Prosecutor of the International
Criminal court. That Mwai Kibaki could say - "stay put" is disturbing to say
the least. Kenyans are not idiots to be joked around with by war lord
politicians whose vision is one of greed and ruling by the sword. Kenya is a
Democracy, where the Rule of Law must prevail at all times.

The Kenya Government has taken Zero steps to establish a criminal Justice forum
for the post elections victims. The Kenya Government has no color of right to
interfer with the default option of the International Criminal Court that was
prescribed by the Presidents' own commission of inquiry into the Post election
violence. Mwai Kibaki accepted the Waki (CIPEV) report and now must live with it
or Mwai Kibaki must Stand Impeached as a defender of Impunity for Crimes against
Humanity, including rape, Murder, arson and forced displacements of his fellow
Citizens. Raila Odinga needs to make his own personal statement as Prime
Minister as to whether he agrees with President Mwai Kibaki's response to the
naming of the 6 mastermind suspects of crimes against humanity commited in

We wish to remind Mwai Kibaki that any attempts to derail the ICC will result in
a direct indictment against him as an individual who will bear the greatest
responsibility for his troops – in this case loose talking Members of
Parliament, including Cabinet Ministers and senior Government officials who
appear to making statements on his behalf.

85% of Kenyans according to National poll taken this week - want suspects of
these henious crimes taken to the Hague to face trial and justice. The Kenyans
who were polled knew that the 6 suspects were high ranking government officials
(and only one is a private citizen).  We certainly do not want them serving us
in any capacity.  Who do they speak to now? Whom do they purport to speak for?
Kibaki should take responsibility and sack Muthaura, Uhuru Kenyatta, Henry
Kosgei, and Major Ali as post Master General. Failing to act and continuing this
irresponsible behaviour can only be construed to mean that Kibaki condones the
killing of Kenyan Citizens.

Kibaki should also be aware of Article 27 and 28 of the Rome Statute and that he
could be facilitating the cover up of Crimes against Humanity.  " Mr
President, you have a sacred constitutional duty towards facilitating justice
for all in Kenya.  You must not fail Kenyans.  If you do, then you should be
regarded as bearing the greatest responsibility for what happened in Kenya in
January and February 2008, and face the Hague on the crime of obstructing
justice. There is no such thing as power without responsibility."

Kenyans have taken a decision to support law abiding officials of Government
rather than Law breaking Senior politicians and Government Officials. Kenyans
are tired of individuals who believe, because of some bogus birthright, prior or
current position, that they can act with Impunity, commit crimes in Kenya and
get away with it. Kenya has changed. The sign of the times is that days are
numbered for these kind of people in Kenya. They have no support among the
Kenyan Public. We the people have said let Justice be done though the heavens

Mars Group Kenya.

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