Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why You Should Not Fail in Your Duty to Transform Kenya

Young Leaders of our motherland --

Happy New Year 2011. The year 2010 has had its ups and downs. I just want to thank you for the continued participation in this online platform. It is people like you who have made us remain at the indelible mark of objective online dialogue.

We managed a couple of grassroots meetings, policy dialogue at the high of Government and kept abreast of national issues that are affecting all of us. With your help, we will even expand more if you can introduce three of your friends to join the discussion this year.

Year 2011 is going to have the biggest mark on shaping the future of our country. It is also going to be the defining moment on whether the youth can rise up to the challenge of national leadership. Our country will be different in the next six month. By the time we hit September, the dynamics will have changed completely. It is you who will contribute to the positive development of Kenya our mother land. We will be appealing to you to support a couple of national actions. But that will not be enough. It is you who will decide what will change the future of your community. We want to support every step of your way as you do with ours and enroll as many other people like you from all across this country who are ready for Positive change.

In 2008, we sunk deep as a country. The Post Election Violence threatened to tear the socio-political and development strata of Kenya. Many souls have departed due to the harsh realities at the time. Let us not forget, but let us be the ones who push for justice so that their blood is not wasted into the cold dust.

Now we are faced with a daunting task—of making sure that we hold our country together as the Leaders, our MP's we elected threaten to tear apart our common unity, rape our constitutional rights and lead us into Parliamentary Anarchy. Let us not allow them.

In the next three months, we shall hold 8 Regional Dialogues, see the election of the National Youth Council and support the ICC Process to the fullest. As the year progresses, we are proposing to our partners to support a Leadership BootCamp. From our online Dialogue, we shall need to narrow down to a given number of Constituencies that we must Capture by the ballot in 2012 and have our charismatic and abled young leaders take over. We want o see the young people take a lead in defining the leadership of the County Governments.

We want to walk with you as you define History. Through working together, I am sure we shall overcome. Join us this year as we write the history of a New Transformed Kenya that we created by the New Constitution. Every one of you who works to accomplish a NEW Kenya– must know that you are an equal shareholder of Kenya and that you have a voice. The role we will play in 2011 – and for the next fourteen months, should be towards accomplishing your pride for Kenya. If you believe, you will fight for the country, and we will fight with you, so that the future generations come to appreciate and enjoy the good work that we did.

Send us a note if you would like to be part of the Positive Change for Kenya.

We are better together.

Service,Strength and Honour

Emmanuel Dennis

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  1. ED,
    The Future You ask? I respond The Youth Need to Act FAST!

    All said I beseech the youth to be organized and Speak with one voice - The old Folk is not sleeping - seeking ways to beat the dotcoms.

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