Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptian Revolution Led by the Youth

Dear Good Kenyans,

If the events in Egypt ae anything to go by, the Kenyan youth population needs to learn something on holding the country at a higher moral ground and stand for what is right in-spite of pressure from the establishment. I have been closely following the events in Egypt as the story there unfolds. I would like to share this article with you--the first I have seen that goes into at least a small amount of detail on the organizing strategies of the young people who started the demonstrations.

Social Media has once again proved to be a powerful tool that has turned extremely political. As such let no one dismiss the bloging in Kenya today. It may be what we have been waiting for. Really interesting to see how social media has helped the youth to get organized and informed on how they could effectively protest. This is certainly a time to watch and think about next steps to support the development of the youth movement in Kenya if we must achieve the 2nd rebirth of our nation now through the ballot.


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