Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When A Law Maker Goes Berserk and Becomes a Law Breaker He Does Not Represent “Youth”

When A Law Maker Goes Berserk and Becomes a Law Breaker He Does Not Represent "Youth"

Of Sonkoism and the Politics of Kamiti Prison

By Emmanuel Dennis

Nairobi 20th July 2011 10:55AM

Kenya is in search of Transformational Leaders who will help navigate the country to a new level of possibilities. Kenyans have the electoral right to elect their leaders through a universal suffrage precipitated by drama, bribery, voter buying and in very few instances, genuine campaign platform.

During the Bi-Elections in Juja and Makadara, a lot of money was used to convince voters. In what was widely believed to be a hotly contested election, the people of Makadara emerged with one Mike Sonko as their MP. The People of Juja decided that Mr. Kabogo becomes their MP. Soon after the credibility debate crept through the floor of the house questioning the two as criminals who should not have been in the first place way been cleared by the political parties to run for office.

Her Excellency to be Ms. Martha Karua vehemently defended the two saying that it was not the responsibility of the Flower Party to clear its candidates. We have been subjected to drama unfolding relating to the two members of parliament. Mike Sonko has topped the league of the absurd by engaging in all manner of absurdities and law breaking. Mr. Kabogo has been suspected in several crimes including drugs and murder.

I will stick to the absurdities of Mike Sonko for a minute and conclude. When he was elected, some of us were left in awe of what had been seen as a sad day for Kenya's Leadership tracking his widely (secretly) known criminal escapism.  Others celebrated his victory. To some extend the country judged the situation as a victory for the Youth based on his age.

But let us reflect on his conduct for some time and think again. From Beating up a DJ on the road, jumping over the fence, Street Protest, double parking, cutting and stealing off City Council Parking Clamps and many, many more other dramatic absurdities that go beyond the comprehension of a normal human being.

The country has taken his conduct to be representative of Youth conduct. Some people's minds have been locked to campaigning against the youth by using Mile Sonko as an example.

For us to achieve a Transformed, Sustainable Country that is Kenya, we need Transformational Leadership. The transformation we need is not about coming off Impunity to Crime as has been exemplified by some of our legislators. Leadership Change is needed but we will not achieve a Prosperous Kenya with the likes of Mike Sonko.

In our age and time the street word "Sonko" meant a lifestyle of decorum and hard work. Mike Sonko has just turned that terminology to mean the opposite. As youth Leaders interested in the common future of our country, we must now start to think about value-based leadership and politics that will make Kenya become a competitive stakeholder on the global arena. Mike Sonko is not a representative of the youth and his conduct befits a person who should be in Kamiti Prison and not in the coveted August House of Kenya's representatives. So is the case with many of our MPs whom we know should be resting in jail for stealing from public coffers. As we go to 2012, let us elect leaders according to ideology and track record of their service, zeal and commitment to making Kenya a better place and not by the amount of money they have stolen and ready to bribe us.

Sonko does not represent "YOUTH" Period.

The other many of the other gang members in Bunge who have overseen public coffers go dry should be shown the door in 2012.

As the new constitution dictates, let us begin by recalling all the law breakers in the law making house to face the electorate a fresh, let us elect visionary and transformational leaders indeed.

The Writer is a Kenyan youth Leader committed to change for a Positive Future of Africa

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