Thursday, August 4, 2011

Join us today and let us Martial Change in Kenya

Young Friends --

The National Youth Sector Alliance is making strides to reach out to young people in the grassroots and identify policy related issues that should be brought to the fore of Government. We are glad that you are continuing to as your friends to join us.

Most campaigns groups are not focused on what the future holds for Kenya. We are making sure that we start being responsible for our country. We're running a different kind of outreach program. It has been encouraging to see many Kenyans support our campaign.

If you take the lead and mobilize young people in your community, we will support your work and join you in running empowerment discussions at local level.


Our facebook page today stands at 3515. We would like to get the highest number of young Kenyans joining this bandwagon for creating a better Kenya. Join us on the facebook page today.

You can also follow us on twitter:
We would like you to own a piece of this movement. JIWAKILISHE starting today and let us all walk this journey together. We need your story and your ideas about how we can continue to make Kenya a better country for Kenyans.

Be part of the change that you seek to see and be, We are better together.


Emmanuel Dennis

On Behalf of Team NYSA

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