Thursday, August 11, 2011

Message from NYSA on the International Youth Day

Message from the National Youth Sector Alliance on the International Youth Day

Nairobi: August 12th 2011

Our Fellow Youth---

This year on this day, we yet again mark an important milestone in the development agenda of youth across the world. The National Youth Sector Alliance would like to commend the efforts made by the youth in Kenya to push their agenda for the good of the nation. The quest for change has been by and large led by the youth and on this day I on my capacity would like to pay homage to all the youth of Kenya for staying vigilant, steadfast and capable of driving the process that we all aspire to have in order to see a better country for our future generations and for ourselves.

Today the 12th of August 2011 marks the end of the International Year of Youth under the theme 'Dialogue and Mutual Understanding'; Indeed the NYSA has been on the forefront to promote dialogue on policy implementation with government. We would like to urge all young women and men in the country to embrace the rule of law as enshrined in our constitution and continue to hold their leaders accountable but most importantly, to be accountable and responsible for their own communities.

 I urge the government, all youth organizations and the international community to commit to ensuring that as we even move to the next years general elections, let us not forget that we are all Kenyans and that we all want a better, peaceful and cohesive society. While we respect the quest for leadership change, let us do it peacefully knowing that no outsider will come to make our country better than we ourselves espouse.

We do recognize that it is the youth that will drive the required change in the African Continent, let us not forget to be the ambassadors of peace so that the transitions that we all look forward to spearheading are done in a humane manner.

The National Youth Sector Alliance would like to recognize the efforts being undertaken by many youth organizations across the country on this day. Just to mention the contributions that the Youth initiatives Kenya, the Youth Congress, the Digital Opportunity Trust, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change and many others who are today holding varied events to mark this day.

We shall continue to encourage and support the youth networks across the country and especially those young men and women committed to the course of peace and policy entrenchment to our daily livelihoods in the communities. The journey ahead is long, tedious and sometimes treacherous, but if we work together, we shall overcome. For we are better together. The future generations depend on the actions we take today. Let us be cognizant of the positive steps that we all need to take today, to have a better tomorrow.

Thank You.

Emmanuel Dennis – Convener, The National Youth Sector Alliance.

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