Sunday, September 18, 2011

Re: [NYSA:7422] NYSA Support for Con Omore as a Commissioner in the IEBC

True True Eng. Ntoina,
I wouldn't support one of our own who is not qualified. The fact that he is among our age set, is an added advantage for us to go out there and put our support for him.

The Chcklist on Mr. Omore is clear on everything and most of all blemish free.  He is young, qualified, credible, eligible.

Thanks for your support and so the string goes on.
We will make sure this string of email in support of Con reaches the panel in solidarity of our colleague and compatriot whom we are proud of.


On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Ntoina William <> wrote:
I respect Emmanuel, s call for the support of one of the appllicants short listed for IEBC but at same time advice him that the error of supporting one of our own is long gone.we need to give every Kenyan whether young or old an opportunity to get Any opportunity as long ad the person is qualified and is clean.I do not support con omore, s candidature due to age but because he is a qualified Kenyan. Mr Emmanuel please forget about supporting one of our own. Eng.Williams ntoina.

On Sun Sep 18th, 2011 12:22 AM PDT Emmanuel Dennis wrote:

>Dear Friends---
>Some of you might be aware that Mr. Con Oseomo Omore has been shortlisted
>for the IEBC interviews to commence soon. The National Youth Sector Alliance
>and her affiliate members would like to take this early opportunity to throw
>our full support for the confirmation of so far the only under 35 and in
>that respect our fellow youth in to a constitutional Commission.
>The confirmation of Con Omore will be a big boost to the Youth Movement in
>Kenya since many of you are aware of his steadfast support of our
>initiatives as the in charge of Governance Program at the Royal Danish
>Embassy. His continuous advice and support has seen many initiatives receive
>support and contributed immensely to the success and gains we have so far
>achieved in the youth sector today.
>We call upon all the youth organizations and individuals to support his
>candidature and application so that we can catapult one of our own to the
>Commission that will oversee the first post referendum Election which is a
>milestone in realizing the gains of our new constitution.
>Let us all lobby for this important appointment in solidarity and start
>opening up this avenues for more young people to present their applications
>in equally important constitutional offices.
>This is our country, let us all rise up to the occasion and serve our
>country. Mr. Omore will be our loyal ambassador.
>Kind regards,
>Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
>Convener - National Youth Sector Alliance NYSA
>3rd Floor, Revlon Professional Plaza
>Biashara Street, City Center
>P.O. Box 8799, 00200
>Nairobi Kenya
>Cell: +254722619005
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Thanks for Supporting the National Youth Sector Alliance
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