Monday, January 30, 2012

They are Destroying our Country as We Watch and Cheer!

Wakenya Wenzangu --

Right now, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are successfully on the front line coalescing their supporters to believe that they can actually run for Presidency. When William Ruto resigned from his cabinet Position, it was because it was illegal for a public officer to continue to serve when he has on going criminal cases. When Uhuru Kenyatta resigned, it was due to the same provision in the constitution. It would be illegal for him to continue serving as cabinet Minister with the PEV Criminal Case hanging around his neck at the ICC. The question to ponder is this; Isn't it still illegal for UK to continue serving as DPM on the same grounds?

But the bigger question is: Wouldn't it be illegal for Kenyans to sanitize an illegality by electing individuals who are alleged to assume the highest responsibility of PEV by the International Criminal Court to the highest office in the land?

This is my hypothesis:
UK and WSR want to make sure they garner sympathy support so that it becomes very difficult for Kenya to ignore them during the next general election. They are stupidly thinking Kenyans will rape the law and elect them then they do a BASHIR, Continue to rule and throw the ICC and the Rome Statute into garbage while they rule Kenya with iron fists.

The reality is this:
UK and WSR will not run for presidency. It is illegal and the Kenyan Legal systems will not allow it as long as they still have the dark ICC clouds embracing them.
Parliament for once should ensure that we get a local mechanism to deal with this folk. People will argue that the IDPs may never get justice locally. However, there are more people who will still not get justice with the four sons of the soil being indicted at the Hague based court. It is wrong to allow the white man to decide our local issues through the ICC.

My Wisdom :
UK and WSR should forget about their political ambition because the law does not allow them. They will not be on the ballot paper.

My message to Kenyans:
Kenya is bigger than UK and WSR. Kenya is actually a better place without the chest thumping individuals who think they are operating from a higher pedestal of morality. At the same time, Kenya is bigger than MK, RAO, KM and all those caricatures in the August House.

We need a fresh start. We need to send all these incumbent MP's parking. They have had their share, let Kenya move on. A BALLOT REVOLUTION IS POSSIBLE.

Niko Tuko. Kenya Ni Kwetu.


  1. @emmanuel dennis,i always thought you have read the constitution,theres no law in this land and even international that prohibits the two from running for an elective post,read the constitution,together with the elections act.they can only decide not to run because of public outcry and on moral grounds.otherwise they have that political right upto the point that they exhaust all levels of appeal or if they are jailed for a period exceeding 6 not supporting either of them and just defending our constitution.

  2. Mgala muue na haki umpe. Kibagendi has just pointed out very clear what our law says about the Ocampo 4. We cannot cheat Kenyans that there is a law that prohibits the 2 from running for an elective position.

    My advice to you is join hands with other Kenyans pushing for Law that will help your dream come true. We can not relay on public outcry to block the two.

    The law is the law, if we believe in the letter, we should also believe in the spirit of the letter.

    Douglas Namale

  3. Mgala Muue na haki ummpe. ED, public outcry cannot be used in a court of law to block the Ocampo four from vying for an elective position. Its unfortunate we don't seem to understand the loopholes in our constitution.
    The only advice I have for you, join me to educate Kenyans on the contents of the constitution, and force parliament to pass the law that will enable your wishes.

    Too bad for all Kenyans,

  4. Douglas,
    I respect your opinion and that of Kibagendi. If it were true to their conscience, they should have then just continued to hold public offices. But because they know something is a miss, they have stepped aside to clear their names.
    We wouldnt want to have a President who has to keep going to the Hague to clear his names from the confirmed charges. It will be an absurdity.