Friday, March 9, 2012

Do you Have Means? Are you interested in an Exchange Program in Sweden?

Dear Friends---

During many of my tours of the Schengen states, I have come to appreciate PERFECTION. Last year, I was approached by some people who were interested in visiting the Schengen States. I made a few contacts and found a few people who would be interested in hosting the group from Kenya.

The group failed to rise up to the challenge and the year ended.

In June this year , as part of the Tallberg Forum, I am interested in meeting young innovative and enterprising Kenyans to be part of an Exchange Program in Sweden. The theme for the Tallberg Forum 2012 is HOW ON EARTH CAN WE LIVE TOGETHER---"Thinking beyond Our Imagination"

For some time now we have seen a number of very innovative technologies emerge from Kenya. Kenya has been on the forefront of technological trailblazers. Some of the examples are MPESA, MBANKING, Mobile Car Tracking, and the young man who wanted to defy gravity by establishing a helicopter using an NZE Engine. These are some but a few successful examples of how innovation is changing the lives of ordinary people in Africa.

A few friends are interested in hosting a team of Kenyan innovators. The following is the simple criteria to qualify to be part of the delegation to Sweden in June.

1.       Must be involved in a life changing innovative activity that is contributing to the change of livelihoods in the communities.

2.       Must be ready to meet the travel expenses of both AirTicket and Visa Fee.

We will find hosts to cater for accommodation and meals while in Sweden for a period of between 4 to 6 days. The visit will involve visits to the technological companies including the ERICKSON, SCANIA among others. The program for the visit will be made elaborate after we get the interested parties.

If you are interested in this venture, please let me know 0722619005.

Kind Regards,


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