Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Call to Action to Uphold Chapter 6 on Leadership and Integrity

Dear Friends---

The National Youth Sector Alliance (NYSA) - a national multi-stakeholder network for policy dialogue for Kenyan youth, is calling for Action from the Kenyan Public to implore upon Parliament to refuse the mutilated Leadership and integrity bill 2012 by the Kenyan Cabinet and reinstate the clauses as espoused in Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

In carrying out its mandate, the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) in consultation with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General drafted a watertight Leadership and Integrity bill 2012 as dictated by Article 80 of the Constitution. The bill was drafted and presented to Cabinet for approval and presentation to Parliament for legislation.

Article 80 on the Leadership and Integrity Chapter in the Kenya Constitution provides that: "Parliament shall enact legislation establishing procedures and mechanisms for the effective administration of this Chapter; prescribing the penalties, in addition to the penalties referred to in Article 75 that may be imposed for a contravention of this Chapter."

The Cabinet met and made far reaching amendments that completely goes against the will of the people as espoused in the constitution. The mutilated bill is due for debate in parliament. The National Youth Sector Alliance Demands that Parliament reinstates provisions proposed by the CIC, MOJCA and the AG in their original form.

If passed in its current form the bill will negate the will of the people of Kenya who passed the constitution with an overwhelming majority during the referendum.

Some of the provisions in the original draft that have been whittled down include:-

1.        Declaration of income, assets, and liabilities for individuals seeking to become State officers

2.       Protection of the Independence of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and

3.       Safeguarding whistleblowers.

4.      Disciplinary measures for the State officers who breach the provisions of Chapter.

The CIC is on record terming the Bill in its current form as 'ineffective in implementing Chapter Six of the Constitution, and containing clauses that are unconstitutional. The National Youth Sector Alliance will from today Launch an online campaighn to compel members of Paliarment to uphold chapter 6 and protect the Constitution from being watered down by vested interests of the members of the Cabinet.

We call upon members of the Public to join us at Uhuru Park's Freedom Corner on Friday 24th August 2012 at 08.30AM for a Public Procession and Stunt at Parliament Buildings.

The Kenyan People Passed the  Constitution and Demand for Clean, Integral and Value based Leaders in the next general election. No one, including Cabinet ministers are allowed to Wash down the Constitution by introducing amendments that will continue to propagate impunity in the republic of Kenya.

We refuse in the strongest terms the amendments by Cabinet and call on Kenyans to remain vigilant and hold such selfish leaders to account for the creed they vowed to protect.

Please send a text message to your MP and ask him to reinstate the original clauses in the bill before it is introduced in Parliament for debate. This is the only way to rid our beloved motherland of Corrupt Leaders who do not fit within chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution.

Emmanuel Dennis

National Youth Sector Alliance (NYSA)

State House Crescent, Off State House Avenue
P.O. Box 8799, 00200, Nairobi Kenya
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