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Your Next MP, Governor, Senator President, County and Women Representative may be a CRIMINAL

Why Your Next MP, Governor, Senator President, County and Women Representative may be a CRIMINAL

Nairobi: 26th August 2012

It is almost official, you can steal public funds, Murder someone, Rape, and be elected to public office. Members of Parliament have once more proved their selfish interests by enacting a law that will see their crooked and criminals selves gain entry into public office without scrutiny. They voted for a whittled Leadership and Integrity Bill as presented by Cabinet in a show of unity over impunity.

If ascended to by the President, Kenya is now headed to dangerous times where it will not be mandatory for aspiring leaders to declare their wealth, Vetted by professional agencies and publication of criminal cases.

This in essence means that the Kenyan public becomes the losers and a few individuals in the 10th Parliament carry the day in entrenching impunity in a new system of governance. It remains to be seen if members of the public will now join hands and sue to stop the president from ascending to a bill that will water down the struggles to clean up the leadership of the country.

It should be noted that out of 100 MP's who were in the house only Hon. Baiya, Hon. Shabir, Hon. Karua Hon. Shebesh and Hon. Millie Odhiambo were in favour of the bill in its original form. The rest of the MP's have showed Kenyans that they don't care about the will of the public and true stakeholders of Chapter 6 of the constitution.

As a young person, I had hopes that Minister Eugine Wamalwa would stand by the people and especially the very many young Kenyans he claims to represent and firmly put in stringent measures of integrity. He has failed that test. He has disappointed and is now holding brief for the selfish interests of the people who are hell bent in making this country ruled by corrupt individuals.

If we move to court under a certificate of urgency, the President will be stopped from ascending to the bill until the court makes a constitutional interpretation with implications to the selfish wishes that the MPs have introduced in the bill.

However, in the same vein, the MPs still voted for the provision to vet the NSIS Chief and other Public Officers. The Political Class is applying double standards where they want to publicly vet judges, Public Officer including the Director General of NSIS but want to hide in their selfish selves not to be vetted by the same agency. DN Reference Story: MPs want Spy Agency Vetted:

It remains to be seen if the people of Kenya will now stand up and defend the country from being led by Criminals or clean and integral people who must withstand the test of integrity.

Over the past week public pressure mounted to ensure Parliament does not pass the bill in its current form, but they have ignored the will of the people;

MPs Pass Tampered Integrity Bill:

Youth Condemn Integrity Bill Amendments:

Street Protests over Integrity Bill:, and

Minister Eugine Wamalwa Defends Watering Leadership and Integrity Bill:

Leadership and Integrity Bill 2012:

What will be your personal responsibility in protecting the Constitution from the selfish MPs who are on the lose to sell our country to Impunity?


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