Monday, September 3, 2012

Youth appointments in Government, Constitutional & Independent Offices

Dear Friends---

Tomorrow Tuesday the 4th September 2012 will mark exactly six months to the next general election. A flurry of activities are preceding that day. It is official count down to the biggest plebiscite probably all over Africa, and most importantly in Kenya under the new constitution. 

Just as a reminder, the next election will provide various opportunities for the youth to be employed by government. The following vacancies will be up for grabs in elective positions;

1,450 County Ward Representatives
   290 Members of Parliament
     47 Women Representatives
     47 Senators
     47 Governors
     47 Deputy Governors
      1 Deputy President
      1 President

I have been encouraging young Kenyans to make sure they dominate the County Represenative positions because they will be the easiest to win given the numbers of voters in the Wards.

Besides the elective positions, over 100 senior government officials have resigned from their positions and will officially vacate office tomorrow. This individuals will be putting their weight behind elective positions in the next election.

It is a requirement under the new constitution and the Political Parties Act that any Public Servant seeking for elective position must vacate office six months to the elections. Technically one is supposed to be an active member of a certain political party to vie on the ticket of the party.

Besides the President, Prime Minister, and  MPs all the Public Officers and servants working in Government MUST resign and concentrate on the political ambitions.

Many young people would have expected that they will get the opportunity to apply and qualify for the positions being created in the spirit of youth employment in Government. May be that dream is still too far from being realized.

Given the notices provided to field those vacancies, there appears to be a clear trend to marginalize young kenyans from appointments to constitutional bodies and independent offices even when they are fully qualified for the appointment.

I was given a case of one fine Ms. Jacqueline Mbogo Asimuli who applied for appointment for the position of member of the Independent Police Oversight Authority. Jacqueline is a recognized expert in Police Reforms with extensive experience within the field. Upon application for the position, she qualified, was called for the interview and reportedly received the highest score due to her in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. 

Unfortunately, Jacqueline was not appointed supposedly because she is a young person aged 34 years.

To add salt to injury, the newly established Independent Oversight Authority called Jacqueline to offer Training to the members of the Authority which demonstrates that she was actually the most competent of those who were interviewed for the position.

Young people demand that results of the interview for the independent police oversight authority and other commissions that have appointed members are made public and that the appointing authorities ensure that young Kenyans are not discriminated from appointment on account of their age.

The expectations from the young people of Kenya on the vacancies available starting tomorrow be done in a transparent way in order not to discriminate against age.

The advice to the young Kenyans is to ensure eternal vigilance on such matters to ensure justice and fairness is applied when recruiting qualified Kenyans on such plum positions. Otherwise we shall continue to witness political cronies, relatives and frieds being given this positions based on their close proximity to the Political officers in the recruting Governement agencies, and in other cases outright corruption based on how much a bigger brown envelope one produces.

We are watching...
Emmanuel Dennis
National Youth Sector Alliance

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
National Youth Sector Alliance
2nd Floor, World Alliance of YMCA Building
State House Crescent, Off State House Avenue
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