Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dictatorship in our Political System,the cause for Apathy

I once heard that American is the most apathetical society on earth. I couldn't agree more. But in this case, I don't want to dwell on the US of A. My focus is on the madness we have been witnessing in Kenya for the last three days or so.

For once, I have been watching closely the tactics being applied by the various political opponents as we head towards the next general election. The levelheadedness of the people, the welcoming crowds, the political rallies that have gone on without any ugly incidences have been a statement that Kenya is maturing slowly into the good books where countries like Ghana are today.

Though one thing we have not dealt with is how to compel the various political camps to understand that this is healthy competition which will see outright winners and losers. That at the end of the day, we all remain as one country,one people,working for the good of abetter country.

We have instead turned political ambitions to be the natural choice of life careers. Politics has become the ultimate ambition of many people. Lives have been lost, careers crushed and families broken. These are the wrong tenets from which a democracy is to thrive.

The issue of political dynasties has been creating silent disquiet within political circles. We are witnessing two historically Kenya's biggest rival families squaring it out for the country's leadership. Question begs, is our politics based on history of this two families, or should a country begin to shop elsewhere for political leadership? As the two families jostle for control of power, are they having the interests of the people or are they just not bothered at the consequences of a divided society? 

It is time to begin to ask ourselves the difficult questions as we shape the destiny of our country. I will state here categorically that we as a country, MUST begin to envision a kenya without the Kenyatta'ism, The Moi'sm, and the Odinga'ism. The people must realise today that the big families that have continued to control the politics of Kenya can not DICTATE their wishes on the people.

The just controversial party nominations are the causes of voter apathy in the country. When the people fail to turn up to vote for the fear of violence,the leaders especially in political parties need to figure out how to fix the mess that the country is witnessing. You want to be our next leader, fix leadership in your party first. Kenya we deserve better. The dictatorship in parties is surely a sign of the old order. Tolerance is what we seek as a country. The political class has kept on messing the gains that we have as a country. Begs the question if politics is the only solution to our problems. To me, politics is number one cause of divisions in the country. 

Between CORD and JUBILEE the difference is the same. They are institutions that are founded on weak foundations. They cannot withstand the force of democracy. Slowly the people ofKenya have realised that they are more powerful than the most powerful politicians. ComeMarch 4th, the people will speak in the most powerful voice, the voters card. 

As we head to the next general election Please vote with your head.Let us elect leaders who are capable of taking our country to the next level of a middle income economy. Do not elect people who are interested in entrenching their personal family agenda's in the political software and hardware of country.

Emmanuel Dennis.


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