Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unveiling A Social Movement for Young Kenyan Patriots



The National Youth Summit is an initiative aiming to create a buzz in the youth movement in Kenya for patriotism of a country in transition to support young Kenyans in the areas of , 

  1. entrepreneurship as a catalyst for livelihoods and national development, 
  2. peace building as a core principle for sustainable and peaceful co-existence and 
  3. leadership as a practice for democratizing governance in the country.


On January 31st and February 1st 2013 there will be a national youth summit that will bring together over 2000 young accountable leaders to put their voices on a national platform for a country headed towards the general elections. At the end of the summit, a national youth leadership and peace pledge will be adopted and circulated to all aspiring political leaders to uphold peace and support youth development in their local communities. The summit will also be a platform for how youth should be more involved in the decision making processes of the state.


SOCIAL MEDIA will play a key role in raising awareness about the youth summit and the social movement after the summit to the rest of the country's youth. This will be integrated  with a digital media portal that will be an engine for both traditional and non traditional modes of communication engaging as many young people as possible in this movement, and ensuring that young voices are heard in our effort to give youth a bigger voice in matters that affect Kenya as a society.


We would like to invite you to help promote this important cause by actively engaging in the patriotic call to action for Kenyans via social media both in the lead up to, during and after the general elections.


Facebook: National Youth Summit Kenya - this is where the summit updates will be channeled on Facebook.

'like' our page and post your opinions on there in relation to youth engagement in the overall call to action for young Kenyans to take leadership of the destiny of their country. You can upload photos and or videos on the kind of initiative you are carrying out in making Kenya a better place.

Update your Facebook status. eg:


"Youth Summit is creating a platform for Kenyan youth to take charge of peace building and leadership through community action cells. Let's Get Involved!



1. follow us through Youth Summit's Twitter handle @YouthSummitKe

2. post Twitter updates about the leadership and peace pledge with the hashtags #NationalYouthSummit and #SambazaAmani

 - post or retweet interesting and inspiring facts about youth,


TEXT/SMS The social movement will also harness the use of text messaging services to reach to the majority who do not have access to the internet. A short code 8848 is used to register members who want to be part oft he movement by sending Name, County and Constituency to 8848 upon which you are given an opportunity to introduce10 more friends which gives you the leadership role to wakilisha your local area. The short code will henceforth provide critical alerts on matters affecting youth in Kenya. 

Stay connected for further ways to participate online in the various call to action on Peace, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. This process is a long term campaign to engage, inspire, challenge and support the youth to take charge. Get involved through our digital media platform to be launched on Tuesday this week.


Emmanuel Dennis


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