Friday, March 1, 2013

NYSA and Aljazeera Kenya Election Voices Project

Dear Friends,
As indicated a couple of days ago, NYSA and Aljazeera are partnership to amplify the stories around the election to the rest of the world.

NYSA is working with volunteers from across the country to make this happen and through AlJazeera make Kenyan Voices heard across the country in this elections.

Members of the public can also participate in this project by submitting their reports to Aljazeera through the TOLL FREE number provided below.

Where will the audio reports go?
The best audio reports will appear on our Kenya elections 2013 page: 

We will also try and get them on TV we will keep you informed about this.

Submitting audio reports:The number for people to call and make reports is 0800720690. Please tell all your family and friends and anyone who has a story to tell about their hopes, fears and experiences in this election to call and leave a report on Al Jazeera. 

The service is only available for Safaricom users and is toll free.

Kindly share this information with as many networks in your communities.

Kind regards,

Emmanuel Dennis

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