Monday, April 29, 2013

The accountability questions of our Country Kenya

So much is going in the new Government as it tries to shape the next five years. There are lots of expectations from every one on what the Government is going to do in order to fulfill the campaign promises. Very little is being said about who will hold it to account. In fact there have been choruses of "Give them time to deliver on their promises" I wish the same could be said to the jobless youth across the country, to the sick who can not afford medical care and to the hungry who can not afford a meal a day.

But let's get back to the main issue of focus here. How many Kenyans out there are ready to begin to ask themselves the difficult question of responsibility. How many people out the are ready to take responsibility of their own country?

What are you going to do differently this year that is going to make this country a better place?
Who do you think is responsible for what is going on in your life today?

Are we ready as a country to support the Government achieve it's promises or are we going to seat about and wait only to cry foul when things begin to go haywire?

We have Devolved Units of Government that are supposed to bring power close to the people and in the same vein ensure that e people feel more represented.

The biggest question is do the majority of Kenyans understand how the new system of Government is going to work and who holds their voices in debates that will be going on in senate, National Assembly and County Assemblies?

Much has been said about a self centered civil society. How many people out there believe that the civil society does not represent the alternative voices of the people?
Politicians argue that civil society does not have amoral high ground to represent the people since they have not been elected.

The big question is when the elected representatives gang up to squeeze dry the tax payers, whose interest do they represent? Is that the reason they were elected? So that they manipulate the poor tax paupers to pay them fat salaries while other Kenyans languish in poverty?

When the representatives of the people go in cahoots against the wishes of the people, who should the people turn to for redress?

Who will answer this fundamental questions?

What is the responsibility for ensuring that the people in a sovereign nation that is Kenya are well represented without feeling as though they are electing leaders who are just interested in self fulfillment?

May God Bless Kenya.

Emmanuel Dennis
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