Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moving Up the Ladder

This is where I am: Inspiration to Move up the ladder:
Having reached the age of 35, I have been contemplating leaving the youth sector and concentrating on business and other personal development initiatives in the continent. There has been allot of reaction to my decision and many people still think I am young enough to continue doing what I do with young people. My position however remains as stated. While I will continue to support initiatives for empowerment of young people, I will no longer be on the frontline. I believe there are many young people I have personally mentored and they will be picking the pieces from where I am leaving. I also believe they are bound to have a much bigger impact than what I had. They have to remain committed, be driven by passion for doing good without expecting any material gain. Only that way we shall get the real empowerment and development that our communities require.

But again, I am not leaving the scene as yet. On my transition to my next challenge, here is what I will be up to: I am turning to large scale farming of high value crops from food crops to cash crops. I am also concentrating on making the Green Teams a real social enterprise. And I will for the next two years, do more on mentorship, coaching and developing strong social economies driven by young social entrepreneurs at community level. My drive is to gain a social capital that will transform communities. I will be expounding on each of the areas in the days to come with real examples of actions on the ground.

I sought a recommendation from one of my mentors Mr. Alexander Crawford, whoum I had an opportunity of working with while I was in Sweden at the Tallberg Foundation. Here is what he had to say about me. I am awed:

“Emmanuel is an exceptional young man and leader. He has an uncommon drive and energy, a deep understanding of the driving forces reshaping Africa, a firm inner compass and a strong desire to both improve the prospects of African youth, and to address the interconnected environmental, economic and social challenges that Africa and the world face. It is obvious that he commands the respect and admiration of many young people in Kenya and other Sub-Saharan African countries, and the Green Teams initiative is already a great success” Here is My Mentor’s Testimonial about me in motion:

Early this year I had an opportunity of interacting with the various entrepreneurs in Zambia courtesy of the Sweden@Zambia forum. I was equally humbled to see many people committe to the theme of sustainability in the initiatives they are undertaking. I met one particulat gentlemen from Sweden who introduced a unique application that turn your CV into a Movie sort of clips. Here is what I got on a portion of my CV: in Motion:
Here are other interesting opportunities I had to talk about what I do and what drives me:
1.      Inspiration for Youth Enterprise (Entrepreneurship) :
2.       We cannot give up on our country (Governance) :
3.      At the Commonwealth Secretariat in London   (Entrepreneurship) :
4.      Tallberg Forum (Leadership and Systems Thinking):
My energy is even stronger, my resolve more apt and I am not giving up yet. Let us all Do Something Positive in our communities. It is from those kinds of positive actions that will transform our world. Do good, as good will follow you.

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