Sunday, January 4, 2015

I support the Abolishment of Ranking in National Exams

I am in full support by the Ministry of Education for abolishing the ranking of students in the KCPE exams. You can not rank a school in Nyamtiro, Modogashe, Lamu, Kolongolo at the same competitive level and standards as the Sunshine's and Alliances of this country. What we should be breeding is all rounded Kenyans with high value system based on character and ability to resolve many of the pressing challenges our society faces today. 

There has always been a problem in our education system where teachers work hard to ensure their students pass exams as the main goal of education. The students on the other hand cram and memorize a few concepts to ensure they perform better. 

There has never been emphasis on producing young people who are able to understand the dynamics of changing systems. Furthermore, there is no proven evidence of students who scored highly in private schools maintaining the same performance when they end up in University.

It is equally wrong to condemn the average performers as failures who do not deserve a place in our universities.

As a country we should level the playing field to also accord students with technical abilities who never had a chance to score an A to ascend and achieve university education. Indeed if we strive to make university education accessible to all, we will be breeding a society of thinkers and problem solvers. Many of the livelihood, governance among other problems our country faces today would be a thing of the past.

Season's greetings all.

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