Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of Sex and Sex Education for our Teens!

Of sex and sex education. Kenya lost 12,000 teenagers to the deadly scourge in the year 2014 alone. More children are now having sex as early as at the age of 8 and 9 years. With our moral compass already broken as a country, the fact that there is incest and rape in families and communities, only makes the situation even dire. 

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There is a very very thin demarcation line between sex, sex education, condoms and condom use and HIV/AIDS. With more children having sex at the age of 8, how on earth can we as a country educate our children on safe methods of contraception? Should condoms be readily provided so that as our children get sexually active, safety will be a priority? Or should we ignore the fact and have more than 20,000 teenagers dying in 2015? 

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What is moral between ensuring the safety of our children and ignoring the fact that they will still engage in early sex with or without intervention? 

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For those Old men and Women who are having sex with children the age of their grand children shame on you. For those thinking that we shall just ignore the facts? Shame on you. 

It is high time we started the hard talk on matters safe sex for our teens in order to save our future generations. We do not want to become a country of old people just because we ignored the deadly facts. 

Let us all #DoSomeThing

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