Friday, May 8, 2015

Invest in growing Women and Youth Agri SME's

Many innovations are being practiced on pilot and on scale in the country when it comes to Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship. One aspect that is dear to me is that of Gender Transformative & Responsible Agribusiness Investments. Women in our rural communities have traditionally worked hard in their farms or family farms tiling to eke a living for their families' survival. 

It is important for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in agriculture value chains to transform their thinking and practices in focusing on the role that women have played. Support should be channeled to businesses that compliment impact assessment and are investment readiness to which capital can be provided by impact investors.

Agri-SMEs that are making a positive impact in their community and are interested in optimizing that impact and have growth potential should be natured in order for their best practices to be scaled or replicated. For communities living near water bodies should invest on businesses in aquaculture and specifically palm and coconut oil value chains for coastal regions. SMEs from all agri-focused value chains should be identified and given the necessary support to grow.

For our communities to grow into sustainability and have greater impact, focus should be given on growing, replicating and scaling women’s economic empowerment through the growth of agribusinesses. 

Farming is cool for both women and youth, it still is and will be the back bone of our economic growth trajectory. If Government doesn't support Agriculture, then Kenya and Africa indeed will be headed the downward trend. How else will our economies achieve food security if investments are not put in agri SME's run by women and youth?

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