Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When the Thief Whistle Blows Own Theft

A story is told of a young lady who was fond of stealing food from her mothers pot. To cover up for her theft she went to report to her mother that food was missing from the pot. Little did her mother know that the daughter was actually the one stealing the food. The mother would go ahead to ask the entire family who was behind the theft of the food. One day the daughter asked her little sister to help her in the scheme of stealing. Lttle did she know that the little sister would tell her to her mother as soon as the whole theft grew to a disaster. 

The story of Anne Waiguru and the missing NYS Millions in the wake of the revelation through an affidavit that places the former Cabinet Secretary right at the architectural design of the NYS Scandal. The story of Josephine Kabura is similar to the stories we heard during the Moi regime when instructions were given from ‘above’ for individuals to acquire and sign for huge financial transactions. If one would not tore the political disciplined line, they were surprised at the amounts of debts they had accumulated and had no one but themselves to blame for signing the documents.

Josephine Kabura in her affidavit, claims that she was the conduit under which Anne Waiguru masterminded the theft of the Sh791 Million from the National Youth Service. This is a story of a long term friendship that started way when Anne Waiguru was working at KDN. The mentioned of big names in the scheme and the meetings that were convened by Anne waiguru leaves little doubt that they actually happened. The most surprising factor in the whole Anne Waiguru issue is that she resigned citing health problems.

It is claimed in the affidavit that a lot of money changed hands in payment for the various individuals that were co-conspirators in the theft and when there were signs that the scandal would not pass the scrutiny of accountability that Anne Waiguru became a whistle blower in her own masterminded theft.

It is told that the NYS Director and PS in the Ministry of Devolution had to be sacrificed in order to make Anne Waiguru look clean and committed to fighting the graft in her Ministry.
In the hills of a political career of Anne Waiguru to become the next Nairobi governor, will she succeed or will this scandal be the beginning of the end of an illustrious career that Anne Waiguru claims to have had in public service?

Only time will tell.

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  1. Collins Odhiambo - ED may be this could be the 9th wonder of Kenyan world.

  2. "her sister would park in the basement n wait as I withdraw n bring the money down...one bag at a time"