Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The Youth Enterprise Development Fund was created with the mission to fostering and promotion of entrepreneurship, typically in the form of micro, small and medium businesses/enterprises. This mission if fully implemented would see the improvement of the livelihoods of youth across Kenya and unyoke them from systemic poverty.
Since 2006 when the fund was established, there has been drama and intrigues at the fund with a lot of political interference in its management. The fund has unfortunately been converted away from its mandate and a few individuals have been enriching themselves. This has to stop.
A few people who have been entrusted with the noble responsibility to steer the fund to greatness have failed and taken to act on behalf of their self-serving interests. The recent blatant theft of 180 Million is an example of the bad publicity that Kenya is receiving today. I the current scandal, a construction company was awarded a tender to provide IT services. The tender was awarded irregularly against the procurement laws.

With the exit of the Chairman paving way for investigations into the irregular award the 180 Million, it is the call by young people of Kenya that the rest of the Board members will follow suit to step aside so that a team that is qualified and passionate about uplifting Kenyan youth can be put in place to do what is right on behalf of the many millions of youth who need the fund's support.

This petition is at mobilizing the support of all young people to get the youth fund back on a track of developing young people's enterprises that need a financial boost for their enterprises.
This petition therefore demands as follows:
1.    THAT a team of professionals be appointed to carry out an audit of the successes and failures of the fund and an institutional strengthening plan be put in place;
2.    THAT the Youth Fund be properly constituted through an Act of Parliament and a sustainable policy framework set up for its operations;  
3.    THAT a seat on the Youth Fund Board be set aside for a nominee elected by the youth or in such a consultative manner by the youth sector stakeholders through a popular process;
4.    THAT the board must be accountable to the youth through quarterly reports released for the consumption of the public;
5.    THAT a review of the fund’s strategic plan be instituted to ensure its priorities are aligned to the economic emancipation of the youth of Kenya and a rapid plan to restore the credibility of the fund implemented;
6.    THAT all senior staff and Board Members undergo a lifestyle audit for accountability and transparency in their service;
7.    THAT an oversight authority be established to oversee the studious implementation process of the board.
8.      THAT a judicial process to ensue immediately to prosecute officials implicated in the loss of funds from the Youth Fund in the current allegations.

9.      THAT the youth organizations in Kenya to participate in promoting the uptake of the fund by the youth and in holding the fund managers accountable.

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Re-engineer the Youth Fund

Dear Friend --
When The Youth Enterprise Fund was established, many young people were very excited that for once their enterprises would thrive with the little support from Government. A number of enterprises have received the support but I believe the full potential of the fund has not been explored yet.

Then came the wrangles and now scandals rocking the fund. The aim for which the fund was created for has been lost. And that is where you come in.

This country needs a fully functioning Youth Fund that serves to lift the millions of youth out of poverty. This in turn will see thriving communities. The failure of the fund will not only affect the youth today, but the next generations to come. We have created the petition to re-engineer the fund so that it can serve its rightful purpose and that its managers are held accountable for the work they are hired to do.

Click on the link below and sign the petition today to help the Youth Fund overhauling. Call out other network members and young people to sign this petition that we believe will help us push the agenda forward. It will take only a few seconds of your time:

Public opinion is a powerful tool to make our leaders know what we feel about what is happening and this action will shift in the right direction. A majority of Young people in Kenya support a transparent and accountable Youth Fund, we can keep the pressure on Government in a constructive manner to act -- but this action depends on your support. We can't give up on the young people of Kenya.

If you support a re-engineering of the youth Fund, sign this petition today