Friday, September 18, 2009

21st century...What a Leadership!

I woke up to a question from one of my young friends on email. He said this

Leaders are thought to have a number of skills and qualities that help them in achieving great results. As a future leader, which skills and qualities do you think will help you the most in achieving leadership positions? Which skills do you feel need to be developed further?


This was my response

 Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the keys to dispersions of power, the prerequisite for economic and political stability….Inspiration from Iqbal Quadir


As a leader if you don't have skills to empower your people economically then you do not have a space in the leadership of the 21st century. That leadership for economic development is only oiled with innovation and entrepreneurship whichever angle you want to look at it, it may be political, social or whatever but at the end of the day it boils down to livelihoods for the people.


People need money to improve their livelihoods and live a fulfilling life.... how do you make it sustainable? You need to be innovative but true to smart work.


We must develop our entrepreneurship skills to fit into the ever growing dynamics of life. We need to fix our education systems to comply with the needs of the 21st century. It then takes me to my earlier response to a friend on what ails our education system. We MUST Invest in the children and youth for they are the epitome and conscience of a society.....or else we perish as a generation!!


Does our education system address the challenges of the 21st century right from nursery school? Do the handlers of our children portray the quality of a developing society or they are the same old skills that we went through decades ago?


If our education curriculum is static, how then do we expect the people with skills of the yester years to lead us into the future? How do we expect our very old leaders to give us advice about the future when they aint gone be here?


No Freedom shall come without a cost. We are the ones to cause it to happen if we want to be free. The current leadership is a status quo and wont lead us into the promised land. We got to remove them at whatever cost as along as we keep our society on the pedestal of peace.


Emmanuel Dennis


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