Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peace makers

Peace Makers

September 19, 2009

What is it your legacy?

How do you want to be remembered after this life? What kind of reputation do you crave in this hurting world? 

Happiness comes from caring about your reputation for the right reason. And how do you build a reputation in a world full of corruption, death, hunger, starvation, a world ravaged by man made wars and many other problems?

We see breaches all around us. Laws are being broken by those entrusted to protect them. We see them in families, between labor and management, between nations, and between political parties. Being a peacemaker is risky. But it's essential if breaches are to be repaired. 

In whatever condition that we are in, everyone fights to be happy. And as we have the quest to become happy, let us not trample on others. The only challenge is what legacy do you want to leave behind that others will remember you for as having had a positive contribution to society? 

That's a big question?

Once again I ask my favourite question.... What is it that you would do if you knew you would not fail?

Think about it.

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