Monday, September 14, 2009

A Press Statement by the National Youth Convention
Thursday May 28th 2009Jimmy Kibaki,
Tonny Gachoka and Kiema Kilonzo do not speak for the YouthMovement.
In September of 2008, 1300 delegates from all the eight provinces of Kenyacreated the National Youth Movement at the National Youth Convention. 14 Keyresolutions were passed and has been actively recruiting and implementing themthrough members across the country and at the national level. The National YouthMovement is active and will deliver results as per to the aspirations of theyoung people who legitimately formed it.

The NYC was represented at the Inter Ethnic youth Forum at the JumuiaConference Center in Limuru. The Action Plan adopted by the 170 representativesof the different ethnic groups from across Kenya will and forms part of theoutreach programmes that is under implementation. NYC supports the efforts ofthe Inter Ethnic Forum and stands by its action plan.Jimmy Kibaki, Tonny Gachoka and Kiema Kilonzo were invitees to the NationalYouth Convention and gave the convention a wide absence. As such they were neverelected to represent the National Youth Movement.

The NYC notes with grave concern that after Kiema Kilonzo un-invited at the Inter Ethnic Dialogue showedup and after noting that the US Government and other development Partners werekeen to work with youth in Kenya, he is conspiring with others (Jimmy and Tonny)to hijack the Youth Movement’s Agenda for short term political gains. The triodoes not have a following and no track record of working for the youthdevelopment in Kenya and therefore a cheap political outfit that will expireimmediately after the next general election.

The National youth Movement therefore recommits its force and following fromacross the country on the resolutions as passed by delegates from all the 210constituencies and welcomes all partners working in the youth development arenato supporting the youth agenda in Kenya We caution all the Development Agenciesagainst working with rogue politicians purporting to be committed on the youthagenda.

The National youth Movement will continue to watch out for the youth of Kenyain persisting for the mainstreaming and promoting of their visibility and voicein the national agenda. While every Kenyan has a right to work and organizeyoung people for any noble cause, we take exception for politicians who want touse young people and dump them after they are done with their short termpolitical agenda.

Signed for and on behalf of the National Youth Convention.
Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo –

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