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Rework the World

Rework The World - building towards the Global Yes Summit, June 2-5, 2010, Leksand, Sweden

We're looking for new ingenious efforts that drive sustainability and create green jobs.  Because the world needs them. We're looking all around the world. Will you join us?

Towards the 5th Global YES Summit

June 2-5, 2010, Sweden

This initiative builds towards the 5th Global YES Summit in Leksand, Sweden, June 2–5, 2010. Throughout four days, 2000 entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, and global policy makers across generations, continents and sectors will come together to advance collaborative efforts and develop innovative partnerships that can take existing ventures to a much larger scale.

The Summit will combine a marketplace of ideas and ventures with conversations, arts, nature and music in a festive manifestation that a sustainable future is possible. The Swedish Government acts as official host.

The Summit is the fifth in a history of Youth Employment Summits, all part of the YES campaign that is driven by YES Inc. This campaign was launched in Alexandria, Egypt, in 2002 and has been followed by global summits in Mexico (2004), Kenya (2006) and Azerbaijan (2008). The Tällberg Foundation adds to the momentum through its 30 years of experience in convening global leaders to help form new strategic responses to global challenges.

Clusters and partnerships: Rework's focus on results

The aim of Rework is to create new awareness and vision about opportunities for youth 'green' employment, and to increase the synergies between the existing efforts of business, civil society, government, and international organizations.

Through local meetings organized in partnership with others, Rework is advancing the agenda by:

  • Identifying and giving visibility to exciting approaches to create youth green jobs in different sectors and countries
  • Connecting clusters of business, cross sector networks, public institutions that are interested in exploring shared value.
  • Inspiring mainstream actors to improve their strategies and rethink their approaches towards youth green employment agenda.

The approach is grounded in systems thinking and aims to increase the impact of existing efforts by linking green entrepreneurs and business models, with local youth networks and supporters, such as investors and government.

These efforts are expected to have generated tangible results already at the Summit in June 2010, where a much larger group, networks, investors and policy-makers will come together to celebrate youth green employment agenda, and help take specific ideas and efforts to the next level.

Among the collaborative efforts that have joined Rework's agenda:

- Housing for All initiative in Egypt

- The International Youth Water Movement

- Chinese youth leadership

- The Adabpta Sertao Initiative in Brazil

- Solar Lights for 15 Million People in East Africa

- Scaling rural livelihoods in India

- Bio-charcoal in Tanzania

- Using Mass Popular Media to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Solar Lights for 15 Million People in East Africa

Coming out of the Rework meeting in Tanzania, D.light Designs, a solar lighting product for rural areas in East Africa, is partnering with the youth network YES Kenya, and the multi-media platform Femina HIP in Tanzania. By leveraging existing mass-training schemes with the International Labour Organization, and advanced efforts with financial institutions, the aim is to encourage youth entrepreneurs to set-up distribution networks for solar energy lighting in East Africa. The partners are currently planning the pilot phase of the scheme, which aims to roll out in 8 regions in East Africa, eventually reaching 15 million people and generating 50.000 youth green jobs.

Join us to Rework the world

We are interested in your ideas!

Submit your ideas or give us names of people and organisations that have the solutions to our global challenges. At the 2010 YES Summit we will gather the world's leading changemakers. We are looking for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors, policy makers who want to be part of the solutions to green the economy and find new jobs for young people. We will work together to advance collaborative efforts and develop innovative partnerships that can take existing ventures to a much larger scale.

  • Engage to develop new strategies for driving change and explore opportunities to connect with business, investors and government.
  • Explore the business landscape of tomorrow where new products, new organisations and new expectations from customers and employees help move business beyond CSR and into sustainability.
  • Support your entrepreneurs through Rework with connections, access to investors, partners and government agencies, so as to accelerate their impact.
  • Increase the impact of your investment by supporting collaborative efforts, as well as individual entrepreneurs, and help engage today's youth in a positive effort to build the green economy of the future.
  • Rework the World needs support for the process and the event, for specific thematic workshops or areas and to enable individuals and organisations from developing countries to take part.

Please contact us if you would like to find a way to collaborate!

Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
P.O. Box 8799 - 00200
Nairobi Kenya
Cell: +254 722619005

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