Friday, September 25, 2009

The "Youth" in Reworking the "World"

The Place of Youth in Reworking the World

Emmanuel Dennis

September 25th 2009

Somewhere in the world a story is told of the many young people languishing in poverty, lack of water, food and other basic necessities in life.
A story is told of multi million companies competing for th top spot in the fortune 500, 1000 and so of who is who in the business world.
A story is told of millions of children dying of malaria and malnutrition.
A story is told of how much food reserves some few families in Europe have for their pets.
A story is told of a world in danger of extinction because of the destruction of the forest cover, and shear emissions in the ozone layer.
A story is told of world leaders travelling every day to meet and resolve the same problems that the world faces.
A story is told of countries ruled by the gun.

In this world we have billions of youth who are idle and don't have a livelihood. 

In the world where i live in.......

I am told in the next 10 years we will have 500 Million Young People looking for Work. 
They will want to find any kind of work. As the world is a dangerous place, some will find comfort in war like opportunities. 
Others will find one Job.
                                   To rework the World.

Come June 2010, The world's attention will focus on the 5th Global Youth Employment Summit themed "Rework the World"
We are searching for sustainable opportunities for the youth and the next generation that will take on the leadership of the world.
Strategies are changing. What worked before works no more.

The world needs practical solutions to be able to quench the need that the very energetic young generation is having.
At a global scale world leaders are talking about sustainability.
At the local level, young people are talking about how they will put food into their stomack, and how they will find an opportunity to earn some money to take care of their welfare and that of their offspring and the communities they live in.

This is a dangerous scenario the world is moving towards.
How can we act big, global and yet resolve the basic issues that affect those dying youth in sub Saharan Africa? Asia? The Middle East? Latin America and everywhere else?

Is the G8, G20, LISTENING to the crying and dying voices of the worlds fastest growing generation?
Or are they just going to ignore as humanity sinks to its lowest?

Unless we all get concerted efforts of every one, the super powers included!
None of the current Agenda will see light of day.

We need to rework the world together.
From Washington, Copenhagen, London, Itally, Greece, Melbourne and all the global confederates of world meetings.... there is need to touch base with local realities!
From Talking to Tasking at the core of the grassroots where it matters most. "Jobs, Enterprises, and innovation for the local youth"

Then we will have started reworking the world.
The rest are stories... tell the tales to the dead.  

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  1. It is surely food for the mind but we should also be aware of the fact that the leaders we have today will try the much they can to to make the weak and venerable be dependant on them[rich and mighty class] so that they are manageable[poor] and can dance to their tune.
    It is time the big populate which consist of the youth,middle class income earners,low income earners and the poor took control of our destiny.Keep up the spirit.We are with you in this train.