Monday, September 14, 2009

Youth Protest over delayed pay Governement of Kenya started a Kazi Kwa Vijana Programme seen to be the saviour in the wake of increased unemployment for the Youth. But as reality hit, it looks like it is a politically motivated ploy to take advantage of the Youth in readiness for the 2012 General Election. As seen in this NTV News Clip the Youth came out and protested over delayed pay. More is yet tobe seen as this programme does not have a self sustaining methodology and it is solely dependent on donor money. When will the Governement of Kenya stop using the youth? Are we going to find a lasting solution to the unemployment problem in Kenya?
Or are we waiting for the more than 2.7Million Millitia gangs to increase and finish our country by the time we get in the General Election?
Keep your eyes on the Ball.

Emmanuel Dennis

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