Monday, January 4, 2010

The Politics of 2012 and Why the Youth Must Organize NOW!

It is the 4th of January the year of our Lord 2010, In exactly 2 years time the country will be bursting with political activity. All the looters of our resources will unleash the loot to bribe you and me so that they can be given another chance to continue looting through Parliament and other Government Institutions. Raila Odinga will be leading the pack, followed by the False Prophet aka Baba Muasia he of the Masongaleni Farm – "Your vice President". The other favorites might be the current Hague's ICC Guests. Moses Wetangula and many other pretenders will also be part of them cheating themselves that they can garner Presidential votes and support as well.

This week the other young guy who has been touted as the next heir apparent of the Othaya Parliamentary Seat, will be crisscrossing Bungoma in the pretext of helping the youth but in real sense selling the would be agenda of Simama Kenya "Raundi hii kuna Michezo" Band wagon. Am told he will actually be Launching that Political Party that will finally save the Kenyan Youth. Have these guys read the Political Parties Act? Or are they operating from a point of ignorance?

We will have all sorts of people, pretenders, jokers coming out with their loud voices cheating You and Me that they will bring the change that we desire. And when they find out that we are not listening or are now more aware of our civic duties, they will intimidate through violence so that they can get sympathy votes. Others will be so violent because their lifeline depends on their being in Parliament so that they can manipulate the system to remain afloat with their corrupt ways.

I am speaking to the youth to stay away from such people as they do not have any kind of development agenda for our country. We the youth must NOW organize so that we can stump out this cheats from positions of responsibility and replace them with young abled and professional leaders to take our country to the next level.

Our organizing must now identify a Political Course that is sensitive to the needs of the youth. We Must fill a Political Party based on the provisions of the Political Parties Act. If we wait until 2010 we will be automatically locked out since the provisions require that is one is interested in vying for any Political Position through a Political Party, that individual should  have been a member of that Political Party for a period not less than 6 Months.

While the National Youth Convention promotes democratic principles and remains neutral in partisan discussions, it shall promote and work with all the young people in different political dispensations to ensure that our country realizes another generation of leadership for development. We shall also embrace and work with Pro Change and Pro Development Political Movements and like minded social entities to ensure Kenya gets back from the Misrule she has seen since independence.

The National Youth Convention will educate young Kenyans on the importance of registering as voters, how to organize at community level, non violent forms of aggression and how to hold their leaders accountable for the promises that they make to them.

It is time we realize that if we do not hold our government accountable, if we do not participate in creating strong institutions for service delivery, our leaders will continue to manipulate us always. We must ignore all kinds of Political Leaders who have been recycled before and replace them with capable fresh leaders who are sensitive to the needs of our country.

The times of Business as usual are over. The times of complaining are also over. Kenya will only prosper through the kind of civic responsiveness that its citizens practice. Change will not come on a silver platter or by complaining about non service delivery, change will come if we become proactive and take on systems that have failed us.

If we do not come out in large numbers in 2012 to elect a leadership that will revolutionize service delivery for the Mwananchi, our generations and those that will come after will surfer, they will blame us for not saving this country. We will be as guilty as charged. The honor is on us the Young Generation to change the course of how things are done. To stump out impunity, corruption and misrule.

History is on the move and we must wake up now and be part of the making of History for our country and our continent. Remember that Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Ruto, Wetangula, Bifwoli, and all the other pretenders are no the Messiah's and saviors of our Country. We the YOUTH must define and design the Tsunami that will wipe all of them out of Misguiding our Country. We MUST Bring down all these dictators and corrupt networks of Leaders and Replace them in 2012.

We have the ability, energies and dynamisms to do it. We need to listen to each other and think about our country and ACT.


Emmanuel Dennis Ngongo
P.O. Box 8799 - 00200
Nairobi Kenya
Cell: +254 722619005


  1. Hi Dennis. Good piece!

    Youth have only 2010 to organize. Beyond that nothing tangible will be achieved and youth will have to wait for the next round.
    Youth Movements must now begin identifying points of interests; to walk together the path that leads to 'that common goal' that you've mentioned.
    I submit that the youth movement must now get out of the cities (physical space) into the homes and hamlets in the so called grassroots (hearts of youngmen and women of this country).
    Time is of essence!

  2. I think u are not serious.Who are the youths of change whom you are referring to?Believe me or not,Kenyan next president for the next consecutive 5 terms is in parliament wether u like it or not